Monday, October 27, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours.... Another Update

Our friends over at Mats Hammarlund Racing who built several cars for this and past La Carrera Panamericana's had this to say about their cars. (Still conflicting reports but at least everyone is trying their best.)

Here is a short race report.

First day Stig had a flat tire on a stage and spun of. He changed the tire fast but lost some time. Later that day we had some fuel pump problems and lost some more time.

I am not sure of the placings for all the days but after the third day:

Beilhartz first

Mockett second

Jorge Pedrero third

Gabriel Perez fourth

Stugemo fifth

Blomqvist sixth

Pedro Garcia (in our little Volvo!) seventh

Today Gabriel lost an engine so I would assume our cars are fourth, fifth and sixth after today.

Paco and Araceli were doing really well (fourth overall) but unfortunately spun of yesterday.

Yesterday Beihartz and Blomqviat were first and second for that day. Sometimes one were a few seconds faster and othertimes the other. Very even. Beilhartz is running impressively fast.

3 more days to go!


LosVikingos_Ralf said...

Seems like Shanahan got a 5min penalty. Then again, it's Mexico and it could be worng.

Thanks for the update Gary

Gary Faules said...


I was told by a reliable source that Shanahan had several car problems.

#377 said...

Gary great job on the updates. I would be going crazy without them keep up the great blogging. Thanks Rick Row #377

Gary Faules said...

Hello Rick,

Your car is having a good year so far and I enjoyed seeing it at San Miguel de Allende. I sent you a couple nice photos. I hope you got them.