Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Terrible Crash Video

This video broke my heart. Stewart and Linda Robertson with the beautiful #120 Studebaker have a terrible crash only to be made worse when one of the Gary Jones Motorsports GT350s loses control and crashes into them.


The top photo is the Gary Jones Motorsports #363 driven by Bob Summerour and co-piloted by Bud Feldkamp. As of day 4 this car was in 21st overall and 5th in class.

The bottom photo is the #120 Studebaker of Stewart and Linda Robertson with the other Gary Jones Motorsports #357 driven by Jerry Loftin and co-piloted by Gary Jones sitting on top of them. At the end of day 4 Robertson's car was in 12th overall and Loftins car was in 42nd overall.


Let me know if that works for you.

Bud Feldkamp, navigator in the #363 Mustang is a dentist who owns Glen Helen Raceway, home to a round of the US Outdoor Motocross Championships. He also is a many time winner in Baja and other desert races having driven with legends like the three McMillins (Corky, Mark and Scott), Herbst, Roeseler and Pflueger, the other former 4-wheel overall champs Malcolm Smith and Jerry Penhall. Bud Feldkamp is also a two-time overall 4-wheel vehicle winner in this race (1975 and 1977) in the Score Baja 1000.


karlscheible said...

The link opens, but the video does not play.

Gary Faules said...


When I tried from my office a while ago I got the same result as you however now that I am at home it is working. Is it working for you now? If not please let me know.

Jon Tabor said...

Hey Gary, I get the same result as Karl, but I assumed it was the corporate firewall. I'll try it at home and see what transpires.

Anna said...

Hello Gary,
thanks for telling us what probably happens down there. Sweden is freezing but you keep us alert. No crash-video was shown but just as well. I really hope Stuart and Linda are alright? Two more days, I pray everyone make it ok. How about you reporting on web radio? For us who don´t have a computer on desk.

Gary Faules said...


I am so happy to hear from you. I lost your email address. Drop me a line when you have time at

We sure miss you.

Carson Scheller's daughter wrote telling me that Lindas back is very sore and she went straight to the hotel to lay down. As you know, regardless what equipment you have a crash like that one will make you feel muscles you didn't know you had.

WileyC said...

Gary, First and foremost thanks for doing a wonderfull job keeping us updated. It sucks to be left behind this year.
Regarding the video, these are the things that keep us co-pilotos up at night!
As to the earlier posting stating the turn was marked as a one, my best guess as to the crash site is that it occured at Ref.9, Sec.4, Day 5, which the route book (p.213)lists as 1L+3L followed by a very narrow bridge. Either way, this is scarry stuff.

Gary Faules said...


I know exactly what you mean. Personally I am guilty of having watched Gerie Bledsoe's terrible accident on La Buffa so many times in fact that as a result my worst time for the entire week was exactly at that stage.

I have since learned that after these 3 cars crashed they shut down that stage.

Hollywood said...

Hi, I was involved in the building of the Studebaker involved in the crash. I am not able to get in touch with Stewart and Linda and would like any information about their condition. My email is if you have any information. Thank you very much.

Gary Faules said...

Hollywood, email on it's way.

Linda Robertson said...

Hi everyone,
Linda Robertson here - Sewart and I are both alive and well..albeit a bit sore! I have a spine compression injury (I guess that is what happens when we bust a move straight out of a Dukes of Hazard chase scene!) but I am feeling a lot better today and we were able to return to Vancouver.

Thanks to everyone for all the concern shown - the Carrera group is like no other we have had the priviledge to hang with and we had so much fun this year.

The car is being evaluated and we should know how much of it will live to see another race. Hmm... maybe I will get that navy and silver paint job after all!

All the best to everyone - we really missed not being able to finish the race and see you all.

Thanks to you, Gary for keeping this blog so up to date and responding to the posts. It was great seeing you in San Miguel and meeting your lovely wife.

All the best,