Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rush Hour In Mexico City

Reports are very slow coming and a friend from Go Fast told me... "The first two stages were pretty long... so there has been not really too much time to upload pictures or let the Information flow."

In the meantime he did tell me that the #108 Studebaker driven by Bill Beilharz is in 1st overall followed by the #10 Studebaker driven by Jorge Roberto Pedrero and 3rd is the #110 Studebaker of Stig Blomqvist. One Swed trying to catch two Mexicans all in Studebakers... There has just got to be a joke in there somewhere.

While we're waiting here is an awesome high-resolution photo taken by my friend Tach'O from Go Fast of the red Chevrolet #365 that raced against Jon and I last year followed by our friend Francisco Ortiz in #299 Datsun 510 as they haul the mail thru the middle of downtown Mexico City. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE. This is the same spot where Jon and I flew along at 150 miles per hour. Talk about a rush!


993C4S said...


Is that Chevy changing lanes or are we looking at a seriously twisted frame?

Thanks for all the reports. It's a lot of fun getting the updates.

Gary Faules said...

It looks like he's moving over to set up for the next turn but those freeways are FAR from what we would call level and at the speeds they are doing which are well in excess of 140 when you hit a dip the cars get unsetled.

993C4S said...

Makes sense. I was just thinking of the crap the cars went through in the last few stages (especially the unfinished bridges) and imagine the cars must take an incredible beating.

Gary Faules said...

A flogging is more like it.