Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Francisco Ortiz Is Ready To Go!

Our very good friend Francisco Ortiz from Ortiz Garage in Mexico has his car completed and ready to go! This great looking BRE Datsun ran with us last year and we were lucky to become good friends with Francisco and his family. This year his car number will be lucky 299 along with some stiff compitition and his c-piloto will be Marco Martinez.

One thing I love about this car and team is they are doing the same thing Hedrshel McGriff did back in 1950... They are driving the car to the race. No trailer for these guys. Hows that for confidence?

Is this a beauty or what and hey... Check out that CBR Racing decal on the sides and rear!

Good luck guys!


Francisco Ortiz said...

Thank you Gary!
Have a great trip to San Miguel!

Automobiliart.com said...

Good luck with that too cool car of yours.
Stay safe.