Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Tale Of Two Mustangs. Ain't It The Dickens.

When it's all said and done, cars like these are heroes in my eyes. If racing was easy none of us would have the real appreciation for for auto racing that we do. Without having paid the price at times what sort of excitement would racing have? None. In a way I suppose each and everyone of us should take our hats off to thank cars and teams like these ones. We all know how many hours of hard work went into them and the dedication to the sport not to mention the vision of doing well and how costly it is not only in dollars but more importantly in heartache, anguish and despair. But there should be no regret for it is far better to return home in defeat and to be able to know you gave it your very best than it is to brag about how you're going to do something. Yep, there heroes.

Gary Jones Motorsports #357 and #363 taken on October 17th in San Miguel de Allende.

Same two cars 12 days later.

Proof that the dangers of La Carrera are no myth and that good safety equipment is a must if you plan on walking away.

Photos Courtey Of Coop

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