Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Point Of View

Our good buddy Kristin Stewart makes time to post a few notes about this years race on her blog and talks about following the race and the carnage.

It makes me sad when I hear about friends having a bad day while racing but when I read the part about George and Tom having to ride in thier car on top of a trailer with 6 hours left it broke my heart. To know them is to love them and they are truly gentlemen racers.


PS: Karl S., You're a champion rally champion, I am curious how anyone can miss an entire speed section and remain high in the overall rankings. This happened to the same car last year. Can you explain it?


karlscheible said...


I am note sure what you are referring to. Can you be more specific with the details so I can better comment? I know first hand if you miss a speed section you are screwed unless....the section was short and all the stage times were fast. I think the penalty is slowest class time plus 10% right? So if there are not many stage miles and there were no unreasonably stage times (like someone driving 5 miles on a flat) you could in theory make it up.

Gary Faules said...

The car I am referencing was a car last year that drove off the road and hit a tree and damaged some suspension and as a result he missed the rest of the speed stages that day.

This year that same car hit something and ripped a hole in his oil pan and again missed some stages as a result.

In both cases he still remained in the top 10 overall. Even Gerie Bledsoe has told me numerous times that if you miss a stage you're pretty much done. (regarding a chance to remain in high over all.

karlscheible said...

It depends on a lot of things. If you crash out on the last stage of the day you are only getting nailed maybe a couple of minutes, that's all. If you go off early in the day, you are done. Stig lost over 5 minutes with a flat and a fuel pump problem and he is back up to 5th.