Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is It Really Over? Not Yet It Aint!

Gerie Bledsoe reported: The Pan Am is over. We finished in top third. Great party in Zacatecas. Relaxing in San Miguel now."

But anyone who has taken part in La Carrera Panamericana knows there is still the long drive home and there will be trials and tribulations for many on the way home. Let's all pray that every team make a safe return back across the border and safely home. Teams and two rigs are tired after a hearty workout and everyone is tired which makes it all the worse for wear. Just getting across the border will be tough for some.

Anyone who wishes to share photos or their adventure or parts of it with our readers are encouraged to do so. Take time to get rested up and when you feel better send them to me at

Photos Courtesy Of Jamie Hamm And Others

Courtesy Of Gustavo Robles

Gerie's case of bad helmet hair. lol. But check out that smile. I was glad to see Gerie do so well considering the dark cloud that followed him that last few trys. Congrats Gerie!

Carson making sure everyone sees his sponsor's name.

Driver is saying, "Who's the idiot that built this damn rock wall here of all places?"

Another Video

Nice Slide Show

A Good Video

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jose The Fire Fighter... I Will Fight Any Fire Cheap

There was a wealthy Texas rancher who owned a lot of oil wells. One day while sitting on his front porch he noticed one of his oil derricks was on fire so he began making calls to get someone to put out the fire but they all wanted what he thought was way too much. He knew that this was one of his oldest oil wells and it most certainly would dry up before long so he felt it was not worth spend that much on. But then he began getting sentimental as he realized that was one of the first wells his grand pappy had given him so once again he began making some calls to find someone who would put out the fire.

Then he saw an add in the newspaper that said, "Jose the fire fighter... Will fight any fire cheap." so he picked up the phone and dialed the number. "Hello, Jose the fire fighter. I will fight any fire cheap. Can I help you?" The old man asked how much to fight an oil derrick fire and Jose replied, "Si, I will fight your oil derrick fire for 10,000 Pesos." Since the price was unbelievable he was excited and old man told him to hurry up and get over there. That afternoon as the old man was waiting on his front porch he looked up and saw a flatbed truck loaded with about 20 Mexicans on back and coming down a dirt road like a bat out of hell. Thinking he would greet Jose and his crew the old man walked out to the road and the truck didn't even slow down and almost ran him over.

After jumping out of the road the old man watched as the flatbed truck sped right out through the field weaving it's way amongst the other oil derricks until it got to the oil derrick that was on fire and crashed right into it! The old man hopped in his pickup and raced down to the oil derrick where he couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the workers beating the fire out with their sombreros and stomping the flames in their sandals until the fire was completely extinguished.

The old man walked over and asked which one was Jose. They all looked alike in their burnt and smoking clothes and scorched faces but one of them came up and said, "Hello Senior... I am Jose the fire fighter." The old man still excited from what he had just witnessed said, "Sweet Lord all mighty... Jose, that is the damndest thing I have ever seen. Here is your 10,000 Pesos. Now tell me what are you going to do with all the money?" Jose said, "Well Senior, the first thing I am going to do is fix those damn brakes on my truck."

You Paid The Insurance Bill... Right?

Maybe it will just go out by it's self...

Then again... Maybe it won't.

With a little touch up paint it'll be good as new. I had my doubts about letting that guy that built that Corvette work on our car.

The Best Seat In The House

Having raced in LCP I was amazed how many fans there were but what impressed me even more was how far they would be from even the nearest town. On long stretches of road miles and miles and from nowhere I saw fans lining the road. Sometimes on hilly turns while others favored the long high speed stretches. Many times during the race and on countless videos I have seen large gatherings of friends and LCP fans who spend the entire day waiting along the blocked off roadways. Many of them have awnings, barbecue grills, lawn chairs and coolers to help them pass the time. I can't think of a better way for LCP fans to spend the day... The Best Seat In The House.

Photos courtesy of Fabricio de la Cajiga