Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Pics From Coop

Thanks to Coop here are some great photos to help pass the time. Be sure and visit Coop's site and like he says, "BUY SOMETHING!"

Coop sent this one to me knowing it was a very special shot taken at El Jardin in San Miguel de Allende while Hershel and I looked through an old La Carrera Panamericana book reminicing.

Tom and George await the green flag at a speed stage. GO GUYS!

Apple Farmer Gang holding their own and the car is looking great.

Brownie points!

Remember that song, "Bridge over troubled waters" Well, this is that bridge.

Hood and trunk open along the side of the road? This don't look good.

#277 Volvo being driven by Lars Kroiss. CLICK HERE for older post.

Carson Sheller in the #433 Ford Victoria. GO CARSON!!!

Richard Tyzack's #372 Shelby and Bill Shanahan's #388 Monte Carlo Palcon.

Denis Varni's #99 Lincoln.

The #422 Mercedes that Gerie Bledsoe is co-driving today.

Michael Emery's X-Monkey car enjoying a cold drink along the way.

No problem finding a parking spot when you race in La Carrera Panamericana.

Coop with a shit-eating grin no doubt because he knows he's now the co-pilot for Ron Lee's beautiful #403 Kurtis parked next to the #390 Red Flyer Falcon of Michael Sharp.

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