Friday, October 31, 2008

The Original PanAm Class

When you get right down to it, how much more rewarding can it be than to win the Original PanAm class in the world famous La Carrera Panamericana? Afterall, this is the class that started the whole enchilada some 58 years ago. These cars have so many restrictions which do not allow teams to use any late model technology and they are forced to drive them in exactly the same manner as they did back in the 50's. Anyone who have ever built and raced cars with any success will find this simply amazing.

My hat is off to all the Original Pan Am competitors that dared challenge La Carrera Panamercana but I am especially honored to know and to have raced with Carson Scheller and his team. Congratulations on a very special win. I am sure a lot of the legends are looking down and smiling at Carson this day and when you consider he beat a world class F1 driver in the process I am sure Juan Fangio would be especially proud.

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Thanks for posting my sketch; I still get lots of comments from it.
PS The original is still for sale ... and the Holidays are nearing ....