Thursday, October 30, 2008


The official word has just been sent by the Officials at La Carrera Panamericana headquarters.

Bill Beiharz and Jorge Ceballos are the winners of La Carrera Panamericana!


In second place is Jorge Roberto Pedrero Zardain and Marco Antonio Hernandez.

Photo Courtesy Of Go Fast Energy Drink

In third place is Doug Mockett and Angelica Ramirez.

Photo Courtesy of Go Fast Energy Drink

Thousands of people in Nuevo Laredo received the winners in a true popular celebration. The great and legendary Carrera Panamericana has finished it’s XXI edition.

As soon as I have the rest of the daily and overall results I will have them posted so we can all see how the rest of the competitors did. Congratulations to all of the teams.

PS; This confirms several of the previous conclusions regarding other teams being broken down are mostly incorrect. Had those results been correct Doug Mockett would not have finished 3rd.


Control Hidráulico y Automatizacion said...

two pictures for your blog:

Congratulations Beilharz and Ceballos!!!

Gary Faules said...

Please email them to me and I will post them. It seems your comment was cut short.

LScheller said...

Aaahh! The suspense is killing me!

Gary Faules said...

Me too. Hang in there! Don't leave me now. LOL.

LScheller said...

Just called Dad, thought it was a long shot that he's actually answer his phone, but they ran well and are waiting to go through tech but don't know their results.

Gary Faules said...

TECH? Someone may have filed a protest but don't worry. I wonder how many cars have been asked to go to tech which brings up an interesting observation. I noticed that as soon as cars entered the city and crossed the arch a few of them went in different directions. Typically cars that are asked to be teched are placed in an impound area. Hmm.

LScheller said...

don't tell me that! AH!

Gary Faules said...

It's all part of racing.