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All Carrera cars are invited to enter the SVAR vintage race at Road America, Elkhart Lake (WI), May 15-17, 2009. The Carrera cars will have their own dedicated run group.

The weekend will include three practice sessions on Friday, a qualifying race on Saturday, and a feature race on Sunday. The entry fee is $475. The cars are also
eligible to participate in the longer 200 mile Badger enduro race. Entrants must hold a current racing license from a recognized racing association.

Check the web site at or call Carl Jensen, SVRA Competition Director at 561-379-7751. Carl raced in the Carrera last year with Clyde Morter, and promises a great weekend for Carreraistas. Road American is an excellent track for Carrera cars.

For more information, CLICK HERE

We have so few opportunities to run our cars on a major track like this, so please sign up now and support La Carrera and SVRA.



Monday, April 27, 2009

La Carrera Panamericana Gullwing Returns

Anyone familiar with the history of La Carrear Panamericana will appreciate the significance of the following press release.


Here is the the rebirth of an Icon, the 2009 300 SL Panamericana, based on a Reproduction from Hoope'r, Gullwing-AG in Germany, who produce the closest model you can get to the real thing. Arturo Alonso and his company, Gullwing-America , modified this already outstanding automobile into an exotic for the 21st century.

A combination of the Glorious Carrera Panamericana cars of the 50's and new technology, they came out with this incredible sports car, Alonso himself raced the Carrera for years in a Mercedes 300SE, where the passion for this legendary Race and the Mercedes was born.

The 300SL body is constructed with the use of aircraft composite technology. This construction comprises of a sprayed layer of aluminum to a thickness of .5mm into the mold over which an epoxy adhesive is laid and several layers of 7oz woven glass cloth are then applied with epoxy resin.

Chassis is made from RHS steel reinforced and powder coated, has independent suspension with adjustable coil overs, four wheel disk brakes, a 5.5 liter Mercedes engine, (M-133-55) the one used on the AMG Mercedes models and the SLR, mated to a six speed transmission, special made radiator and exhaust system.

The Panamericana will have a re tuned electronics raising the HP about 370, 530nm of torque @5400RPM. The car will sit lower, have speedtronic transmission, side mufflers, no bumpers, a special grill, four spoke leather steering wheel with power assist, a start button, A/C , a four point harness, Becker Mexico Radio with CD and I pod adapter, and fitted leather luggage. It also includes specially made old school 17 X 8 AMG wheels all around with 235/45/17 Continental Sport contact tires, AMG calipers painted in red, HID headlights, and stripes on the fenders like the "Works" Cars from La Barrera.

For 2010 there will also be the option for the new V6 Mercedes engine (M-272-E35) used on the 350 Models, which has almost the same power of the V8 ( 320HP And 360nm torque @4900RPM)) and could be ordered with a manual six speed.

The cars will all be painted in silver with blue accents in the front fenders like the race cars of the Panamericana, there is the option of a white with red stripes and a Black version. The interiors will be red cover in leather and plaid cloth, typical from that model; The instrument panel is identical as the original 300Sl.

Gullwing-America thinks that this is a true rebirth of the legendary 300SL Gullwing. Updated with technology from 50 years later, the car will be more powerful and handle better than the original. It will be a very drivable car with all the convenient accessories like air conditioning, power steering, etc. from modern cars.

For price and more information contact Arturo Alonso at

Friday, April 24, 2009

Look What The Post Man Brought Today!!!

When I was 6 years old I sent ten cents and two box tops to Tony The Tiger for a secret decoder ring and club membership into Tony's The Tigers Club. I remember going to the post office every day for what seemed like an eternity to see if my package had arrived yet. That was 51 years ago but I remember it as if it were yesterday.

But today the postman brought me something I wasn't even expecting but I can assure you I am just as excited to get it as I was the day my package arrived from Tony The Tiger. When I looked at the return address I saw it was from my good friend C. Van Tune. Unless you are from another planet, you will probably recognise the name since C. Van Tune is one of the world's leading automotive journalists and to his credit he has over 20 years of magazine and TV series. A 20-year veteran magazine editor, C. Van Tune is also America's premier TV reporter on anything and everything automotive. His cumulative TV audience of more than 120,000,000 makes him by far "America's Most-Watched Automotive Analyst."

Editor-in-chief: Motor Trend Magazine, 1994-2001; Executive producer/host: Motor Trend Television (Fox's Speed Network); Co-host, Motor Trend Radio (Talk America Network)

More than 10 years experience as national TV commentator/guest expert: Today Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, 20/20, CNBC Power Lunch/Closing Bell, MSNBC News with Brian Williams, CNN, Fox News Channel, ABC Special Report with Sam Donaldson, ABC World News with Peter Jennings, The View, Iyanla, Extra; Hosts series of one-hour specials on ESPN: Road Trip; Host of ESPN's Road Trip, the highest-Nielsen-rated automotive show on TV.

Even before I got the package open I knew exactly what it was and wow, was I ever excited. And what a coincidence it was. Just last week my good friend Carson Scheller and I were talking about some of these old, hard to get, out of publication, magazines and books and in fact Carson bought some and bid on one another. The book C. Van Tune sent me is without a doubt the most recognizable to anyone ever affiliated with La Carerra Panamericana. It is none other than an ORIGINAL "Book Of The Mexican Road Race" by Floyd Clymer. (More commonly known to Carristias as "The Green Book.)

Like many of you I have seen this book for sale in the past years selling in the hundreds of dollars and that is in only fair condition while this one is in MINT condition and looks like it was only sold a few weeks ago.

Van wrote;


I found this old book in my files and thought you'd enjoy it. The mugshots of the competitors on Pages 38-39 look like peoples photos on the wall at the Post Office! Of course, racers are a suspicious crowd!!

Best to you and your family,


Thanks Van! Man this is better than Christmas!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is That The Coyote Express?

Surfing around I found this great old photo of a truck load of Studebaker's loaded on a car hauler being towed by none other than a Studebaker. At first glance it would be easily mistaken for a load on route with the Coyote Express bound for the south of Mexico. Hey, is that Tom driving? Looks like Bill Beilharz, John & Chrislana Gregory and Stig Blomqvist cars are all loaded up and ready to leave and that might even be Lars car in the back ground.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Evening For Top Hats

Last Thursday evening my wife and I attended an wonderful social gathering in San Francisco. It was hosted by Ms. Nadine Goodman and Mr. Alejandro Gonzalaez who championed a wonderful charitable organization better known as C.A.S.A., now in it's 26th year and is also an organization that the Coyote Convoy supports in San Miguel de Allende on it's journey down to the start of the race in Mexico each year.

C.A.S.A. provides a wide variety of programs to thousands of Mexican families in the San Miguel area from medical clinics to family planning, child care, and anti-family violence programs. C.A.S.A. also has a world class midwifery program that is being emulated throughout Mexico and South America.

With the support of Carreraistas in the U.S. and Mexico, C.A.S.A. is also planning to launch a program to educate and train mechanics and I am honored that I have been asked to be a technical adviser on setting up a school at CASA for mechanics.
Ms. Nadine Goodman and Mr. Alejandro Gonzalaez, and to hear more about this wonderful organization.

During the evening there was lots of wonderful Mexican food, music and a few words from our gracious host to share more about all that C.A.S.A is doing and where they are headed. Afterwards there was a fund raisewr consisting of a wonderful silent auction. There was a lot to choose from including many paintings, a weekend of golf, a week in San Miguel de Allende and lots more including some furniture.

Also in attendance were several other good LCP friends which made the evening all the more pleasurable but what really made the evening for me was watching one particular item of the silent auction as the bids on it kept increasing. No it wasn't the weekend of golf nor was it the trip to San Miguel de Allend... More specifically it was a La Carrera Panameriacana cap that was donated by Gerie Bledsoe. I couldn't help but crack up every time I saw someone pick it up, try it on and then write in a higher bid. I won't even try to tell you how much it sold for because you wouldn't believe me. But the good news is it served a very worth cause and I was impressed. If there was ever such a thing as a top hat, this one was it. Even funnier was Gerie's loveys wife's comment... "Gee, had I know it would do that well I would have brought more."

Additional info is available at and C.A.S.A. is registered as a non-profit under the IRS code, so contributions are tax-deductible.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mustang!!!

This is the anniversary of Lucky's roots and enthusiasts will celebrate the actual 45th anniversary of the introduction of the Mustang on Friday. Trivia buffs will recall that the instantly popular sports car was unveiled at the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, N.Y.

The first production Mustang was introduced in 1964. Ford originally planned to make 100,000 a year, but wound up cranking out 417,000 in the first 12 months. To date, Ford says it has sold more than nine million Mustangs. I wonder how many people have actually owned one, when you factor in all the times those nine million new Mustangs might have subsequently changed hands in the used-car market.

Throughout its lifespan, the Mustang has remained uniquely American, as automotive icons go. It is designed, manufactured and sold primarily in the United States and Canada. Although I travel frequently internationally, I don’t recall ever seeing one on the road outside of North America.

But it is known the world over, thanks to its matinee-idol status. Ford says the Mustang has appeared in more than 500 movies. Who can forget Steve McQueen racing through the streets of San Francisco in a Mustang during the famed chase scene in the 1968 movie “Bullitt”?

A Moment Of Reflection And Pause

During the years as we watch our children grow there are times when time itself seems to stand still and we find ourselves praying for time to pass. (Like when they are hurt or in pain or their not home on time and you're worried or mad.) Then again there are times when you pray for that same ole clock to slow down. Usually when you realize that the years have slipped by faster than you care to think about and you pray for a way to turn it back.

In either event time marches on and there is a lot left to see and a lot to remember but for right now my thoughts and prayers are with Will, my son, who has completed his tenure at Thunderhill Raceway and is moving on for greener pastures. He leaves what was one of the best jobs/education opportunities he (or any other young man) could possibly wish for and in doing so will be sorely missed by everyone there. He had made many friends all of whom wish him well and are as excited about his new adventure as he is.

Not only did working in management at Thunderhill Raceway help him grow as a young man
as well as his college education but in fact helped him learn more about business, gave him the opportunity to race whenever he wanted and make all kinds of new friends.

Will has now been offered an amazing position with a fantastic company with what is a very exciting opportunity and will be relocating in Southern California where he will continue his racing career.

As parents, both my wife and myself couldn't be more proud of an amazing young man as we are him. We both pray and hope nothing but happiness and success for him as he continues what has already been an amazing journey.

Good luck son. Love Mom and Dad.


Hola, Amigos.

Here's the application to enter your car in the Dream Machine show. Please let me know if you are planning to participate. If you want to save $5, mail it today. It all goes to a worthy charity.

Since I could not get a reserved spot for our cars, we will have to get there early on Sunday morning to park together. I plan to be in line at 7:00 AM, and will erect a Carrera banner somewhere on the field, in the middle of things.

As the entry form explains, all cars for display must arrive between 7:00 and 9:30, and are expected to stay until 4 PM.

After I plant the banner, I intend to go back home or somewhere for breakfast.

If you enter a car, you get two tickets. Other passengers will pay $20.

So far, I have two or three stalwarts who have expressed an interest. We need a couple of more, I figure, to have a "significant presence." Sadly, my Carrera car is being repaired after blowing an engine and suffering some body damage during the Chihuahua Express and may not be ready in time for Dream Machines. (In addition to the engine, we bent the front suspension on one side badly. We are trying!) If not, I will bring my Corvette.

Anyway, please let me hear from you. It's an impressive show. Here's the link.



Monday, April 13, 2009

On Top Of Ole Smokey

Tough break during 2006 race when La Carrera Panamericana started in Veracruz port. This is on day 2 between Veracruz and Puebla.

LCP Faternity Loses A Fellow Racer

A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Tom was a renaissance man, skilled in multiple areas and with a broad base of knowledge, always surprising others with his expertise in big pictures and miniscule details.

Thomas C. Silver, age 67, ended his persistent, ferocious, and dignified battle with cancer on April 8.

A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Tom was a renaissance man, skilled in multiple areas and with a broad base of knowledge, always surprising others with his expertise in big pictures and miniscule details. Tom found meaning and passion in work, automotive racing, artistic endeavors, and community involvement. Tom served as owner and executive of Mail Handling Incorporated, Liberty Envelope, Bindery Express, and Direct Marketing Group. He worked with integrity, creativity, and gusto until even his last week of life. Tom had a lifelong interest in anything motorized, and that passion manifested itself in everything from redesigning equipment at work, to restoring vintage automobiles. He was passionate about long-course auto racing, and skilled and lucky enough to have won many awards, through Canada (Targa, Newfoundland) and Mexico (La Carrera Panamericana), as well as locally in his Legend car. In the last year of his life, on a weekend with no chemotherapy, he competed in his last La Chihuahua Express race, racing 1200 miles in three days, and he took home the first place trophy.

Tom took joy in art and design to a gamut of outlets, from creating silver ritual art pieces to architecture and furniture design. There was no area of creativity at which he could not be successful.

Tom was an active member of Bet Shalom Congregation, which fostered his spirit, allowed him to participate in fulfilling many good deeds, and gave him an outlet for leadership skills. He was a board member for many years, after which he served as president of the congregation. Tom coordinated the construction of the congregation's new building and was instrumental in its design. As importantly, he excelled at building relationships with people. To honor Tom's multi-faceted building skills, the honor of congregational Boneh (builder) was recently bestowed upon him. Additionally, Tom was on the boards of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, and Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion. Above all else, Tom cherished his family, he was a devoted son, a loving husband, an adoring father, and a close-knit brother.

Preceded in death by parents, Dr. John and Grace Silver.

Survived by wife, Anita (Lurye); children, Scott David, Sarah Lynn, Alyson Jenna, and Andrea Jean; siblings, Nancy (Charles) Reich, Sally Silver, Daniel (Myndal), and Rita (Russ) Sandstrom; mother-in-law, Millicent Lurye Weinberg; special aunt and uncle, Pat and Jack Galusha; many caring nieces and nephews, cousins, and friends.

Many thanks to the skilled, caring, and compassionate health-care professionals who fought side-by-side with Tom to quell his disease and extend his life: Dr. Cathleen Chen, Tanya, Karen and Micki, Park Nicollet Oncology and Infusion Therapy teams. Tom was fortunate to do what he loved, and to love what he did. As a tribute to Tom, his family has established the Tom Silver Nekudot Fund at Bet Shalom Congregation. Proceeds will be used to complete finishing touches around the Temple - the special gift that Tom always had.

FUNERAL SERVICE: 3 p.m. Sunday, in Bet Shalom Congregation, 13613 Orchard Rd., Minnetonka. Please direct memorials to the Tom Silver Nekudot Fund at Bet Shalom Congregation, or Park Nicolett Cancer Center, 3931 Louisiana Ave., St. Louis Park, MN 55426. Hodroff-Epstein 612-871-1234

Have A BACK-UP Plan For Breakdowns AHEAD OF TIME!

Many times teams assume they can deal with anything along teh way but all too many times they find out differently. It's important to remember you will have a hell of a lot more to deal with than you ever expected when racing for a week in Mexico.

One of the best kept secrets to be found is none other than our very good friend Enrique Cortes. Enrique helped us numerous tines as well as many others and there is nothing too big or too small and his prices can NOT be beat. My advice is DO NOT TAKE HIM FOR GRANTED meaning don't just assume that since he will be there that you can use him if you need him. Like any highly needed commodity his services as first come first serve. My recommendation is to have a back up plan by dropping him an email and send him a retainer of $100, an investment you will not regret. Think of it as the best insurance policy you have ever purchased.

Besides being a great mechanic, welder and having the ability to find anything you need when you need it, I have seen him in action and simply put... "He makes shit happen." Another life saver from Enrique was he stayed with our service crews night and day and made sure they knew all the shortcuts and helped get them to every service stop and hotel like clockwork. This peace of mind was worth more than you can ever imagine.

Check out his video on MyTube.


APRIL 2009
Contents -- The Bunny Day Edition



The Silver State Classic--now in its 22d year--will run May 14-16 from Las Vegas to Ely, Nevada and back. It’s a fun filled three days for car lovers and folks who like to drive fast on an open road. Try it; you’ll like it!

This race has a spot for just about any car that will pass a safety inspection. In fact, the car does not need a roll cage or any special safety equipment to run the course at “moderate” speeds (less than 125 MPH). If you want to run over 200 mph in the Unlimited Class, the safety requirements are stiff.

Competitors will enter one of five classifications. In four of these classifications, excluding the Unlimited Class, they will have a target speed, a minimum speed, and a maximum speed. The object is to come as close to the target (average speed) as possible, without violating the min or max speeds. Easy? Try 125MPH for 92 miles across the desert!

There are a variety of other activities connected with the weekend, too. The Silver State should be on your bucket list, if you haven’t done it already.

You must have a valid driver’s license, be a member of SSCC ($40), and show proof of medical insurance to compete. Rookies are usually required to show they can handle a car at the Las Vegas track. If you plan to exceed speeds of 165 MPH, you’ll need to be examined by a doctor. (Thankfully, no certificate of sanity is required.) Navigators are optional, but must be registered, etc.

Basic competition fees start at $495 and go up to $780 for the Unlimited Class.

Go to or for entry forms and more info.

The Chairman of the SSC Board is Steve Waldman of Carrera and Chihuahua Express fame.


All Carrera-eligible cars are invited to enter the SVAR vintage race at Road America, Elkhart Lake (WI), May 15-17, 2009. The Carrera cars will have their own dedicated run group. The weekend will include three practice sessions on Friday, a qualifying race on Saturday, and a feature race on Sunday. The entry fee is $475. The cars are also eligible to participate in the longer enduro race. Entrants must hold a current racing license from a recognized racing association.

Check the web site at or call Carl Jensen, SVRA Competition Director at 561-379-7751. Carl raced in the Carrera last year with Clyde Morter, and promises a great weekend for Carreraistas. Road American is an excellent track for Carrera cars.


If you are interested in Pike’s Peak, please let me know. We will make arrangements to pit together in Manitou Springs.

Carrera cars will again be featured at the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb,
July 19, 2009 with entries from the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Club.

Last year two Carrera cars, a ’54 “Olds” driven by Doug Mockett and graced by Angelica Fuentes, and an Unlimited Class Subaru piloted by Kevin Jones, who won the Chihuahua Express, came home with trophies. Doug and Angie plan to return to defend their title.

The race is 12.4 miles up the mountain--from 9100’ to 14,300’ in elevation. There
are over 150 turns along the route. Eight or nine miles are paved; the rest is
exciting gravel. The competitors practice on the mountain three mornings before the main event. The views are breathtaking. You must be in the area from July 14 to July 19 for registration, tech, practice, and the event.

The entry fee is $800. Do not register on the PPIHC web site nor send your entry
directly to that organization; send it to RMVR. You can use the official entry form from PPIHC or get one at Make out your check to RMVR and send the check and the entry form to:
c/o Tony Martins
6387 South Hill Street
Littleton, CO 80120

Cars should be manufactured prior to 1972 and have run either the Pike’s Peak
before, the Carrera, or the Chihuahua Express. Other vintage racecars and replicas, anything with a log book that passes a tech inspection, may enter.

The PPIHC is a professional event, with cash prizes. However, the vintage cars will not be running for cash, only glory, thus the reduced entry fee. Cars and drivers must be capable of minimum speeds “on the mountain” during the practice sessions. Best not end up as road kill at 14,000 feet!

In addition to the hill climb, RMVR is planning a big vintage car show in Manitou
Springs on Saturday July 18 before the race on Sunday.

Get that Carrera car out of the garage, shine it up, and head up to Manitou Springs (outside of Colorado Springs) next July to run or just be a spectator.

The schedule is:
July 14 – registration and tech
July 15-17 – practice on the mountain
July 18 – vintage car show and other activities (like rest)
July 19 – race to the clouds

An attractive PPIHC-RMVR brochure in .pdf format is available, if you hit “reply” and ask.


All Carreraistas are invited to the third annual Carrera Corral at the Monterey Historic Races, Saturday August 15, 2:00-6:00 PM at Tarpy’s Restaurant.


Fifty-six competitors have completed the registration process thus far La Carrera and another fifteen are expected to sign up by May 31, when the entry fees goes up another $500.

If the past is prologue to the future, there should be around 75 entries this year, with 50% coming from the U.S. and Canada. The economic slump is taking its toll, especially on new entries. So, there is room for you people still on the fence.


From the U.S. and Canada, the basic options are:

1. Tow your racecar down to Huatulco with an SUV or pickup.
2. Drive it down and back. Yes, some people do this!
3. Tow it to Laredo and drive it the rest of the way. (Truck and trailer stays there.)
4. Ship the car down on a hauler and fly into Huatulco.
5. Ship it to San Miguel de Allende, fly down, and drive it the rest of the way with the Coyote Convoy.

Duane Wilcoxon will tow your car down from Washington State and Northern California. Email him at

From Europe, competitors usually ship their car to Veracruz. And yes, some guys fly their cars into Mexico City and have them hauled to the start of the race.


All drivers and navigators—even those who do not touch the steering wheel—need a Mexican racing license. Contrary to what the Carrera rules say, just about anyone who has $195 USD can obtain the license, assuming they can pass a modest, on-site physical exam. It is not necessary to have a racing license from your country.

If you are considering the Carrera and do not have a racing license or sufficient experience, it is HIGHLY recommended that you attend a racing school of some kind, and get some serious seat time at the track. You might also consider going to some of the High Performance Diving Events provided around the country by NASA or car clubs.

Attached is a FMAD application for a license. Send this form with two photos of your face (smaller than passport size) to the address on the form. They will have your license ready in Huatulco. You may pay by check or cash ($195) in Huatulco (depends on the exchange rate).


The third annual Chihuahua Express, March 27-29, was a great event – the route was spectacular, as usual; the weather wonderful, and the race organization vastly improved. There were over forty cars entered, with about half from the USA and Canada. Not one car was lost because of a serious crash or fire. Several engines gave up the ghost, but that’s to be expected.

Importantly, there were absolutely no signs of the violence that tends to be over-reported in the U.S. media. The event’s police protection was more than adequate.

Gabriel Perez in a “new” ’54 Studebaker won the event by only a 1:02, followed by Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes. Stig Blomquivst, a former World Rally Champion, lost an engine on day two, but returned to the event the third day. Mexican rally champ Ricardo Trivino and the exciting baby blue and white ’63 Nova called Durango Deuce II also lost engines. (Oh, to be mentioned in the same paragraph as true champions!)

The winners in the hotly contested Historic C/B class were: 11st: Chip and Taylor Fudge. 2nd: Wile and Alex Ostrop. 3rd: Guenter and Barbara Hernandez Sundag. (Two father-son pairs, and a married couple.)

The tentative dates next year are March 18-21 or April 16-18. Put those dates on your calendar, and do not miss this exciting event next year. Brochures and DVDs are available.


Our friend Tom Silver passed away last Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. Tom, a true competitor, had competed in several Carreras back to 1998 and the Chihuahua Express over the past decade, sacrificing not a few cars along the way, including a dramatic rollover in the Express in 2007. He returned to Chihuahua in 2008, however, to win Historic C. A cortege of Carrera, Express, and Legend cars escorted Tom on his last trip.


You may advertise here for drivers, co-drivers, and service crew at no charge. You may advertise your car, truck, or services for sale/rent here and on the web site for $30-45 with photo. Send the info to Laura Cox at with a check to be posted on the web site.

’64 Chevy Nova -- $5900/BO. V8 post coupe, four-speed, front disc brakes. Rust free; new floors. Interior and exterior stripped, ready for race preparation. Want it prepared? Pick your color and competition level. 400 HP. Fast, safe, and fun. $28,000-38,000. Guaranteed buy-back program. Ten years of experience building these lightweight cars. Historic C Champ 2001 and 2002. Guaranteed entry in 2009 or 2010. 650-726-9890. Will run four-barrel. Chevy 10 bolt rear end. Subframe connectors. Contact Gerie Bledsoe at 650-726-9890. Also ISO a partner for the 2009 Carrera. Experience a different view of this unique event.

LUCKY TACO -- needs another co-driver/partner for 2009. It’s a ’54 Oldsmobile that runs in Original Pan Am. The three experienced partners need a fourth. Bridge anyone? Contact Clyde Morter if interested at

ISO Co-Piloto. David Cooper. ’51 Chrysler NASCAR replica. This car won Original Pan AM a couple of years ago, and David is a serious competitor, with top flight equipment. Several other guys are looking for co-drivers, as well.

Enrique Cortes will provide service while you are in Mexico. Check out his video on MyTube.


Like all forms of motor sports, the Pan Am is extremely dangerous. It can also lead to a lifetime of addiction to road racing in Mexico.

If you change email addresses, please let CARRERA NEWS know. Once you register for the race, you will also receive CARRERA DRIVER, which contain much more detailed information about the race and how to prepare your car.

Feel free to send CARRERA NEWS to your friends and racing buddies. This newsletter will be posted on the web site

Gerie Bledsoe
North American Coordinator
La Carrera Panamericana &
The Chihuahua Express
677 Highland Ave.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
650-726-9890 (home office)
650-726-9599 (fax)
650-867-9488 (mobile)

©2009 Gerie Bledsoe

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Race Fans

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.

Click here for a very nice Irish Easter Blessing

1951 Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race Program 1951

Original race program, from the 1951 Carrera Panamericana Mexico road race. The 2nd year for this legendary event. 32 pages, in Spanish. With a race schedule, results from the prior years race, etc. With an Entry List with driver photos as part of the program. Some of the "name" entrants included Alberto Ascari, Luigi Villoresi, Troy Ruttman, John Fitch, Ray Crawford, Hershel McGriff, Jack McAfee, Louis Chiron, Tony Bettenhausen, among others.

Another Great Ebay Find.

Check out this awesome find my good friend Carson just picked up. Fantastic find considering the car he drives. Is that cool or what!

February 1954 Hop-Up and Motor Life magazine.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Very Rare LCP License Plate On Ebay

(1951) An extremely rare to find and unique Original License Plate for the II Carrera Panamericana raced in Mexico, according to a book I own this plate was originally used by a Packard driven by Tommy Francis from the U.S., a previous owner painted between the number II and converted it to a III, maybe to keep it updated during the 1952 third race a year later. Extremely Scarce.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Very Good La Carrera Panamericana Reading

Thanks to our friends over at VINTAGE MOTORSPORT (Sept/Oct 1997 edition) here is a great La Carrera Panamericana write up.


Monday, April 06, 2009

A Few More Chihuahua Express Photos

Thanks again to Lauren Scheller for some great photos.

From The Desk Of Gerie Bedsoe

San Miguel de Allende -- C.A.S.A. -- Our Special La Carrera Cause

Dear Carreraistas:

On Thursday, April 16th, "Californians for C.A.S.A." will meet in San Francisco at "Workspace Limited," 2150 Folsom Street, 6:00-9:00 PM. That's between 17th and 18th Streets. Because food and rink will be provided, it is important that you RSVP to me soon.

C.A.S.A. is the charitable organization that the Coyote Convoy supports in San Miguel de Allende on our journey down to the start of the race in Mexico each year.

C.A.S.A. provides a wide variety of programs to thousands of Mexican families in the San Miguel area -- from medical clinics to family-planning, child care, and anti-family violence programs. C.A.S.A. also has a world class midwifery program that is being emulated throughout Mexico and South America.

With the support of Carreraistas in the U.S. and Mexico, C.A.S.A. is also planning to launch a program to educate and train mechanics.

Please join us on April 16 to meet the co-founders of C.A.S.A., Ms. Nadine Goodman and Mr. Alejandro Gonzalaez, and to hear more about this wonderful organization, now in it's 26th year.

Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Additional info is available at www. and C.A.S.A. is registered as a non-profit under the IRS code, so contributions are tax-deductible.




Friday, April 03, 2009

Photos From 2009 Chihuahua Express

I would like to give a HUGE special thanks to Lauren Scheller for making these awesome photos available for everyone to enjoy. How so very wonderful that on top of all her duties that she would take the time to make this happen.

Be sure to click on this first photo to enlarge it so you get a good look at this awesome shot.

CLICK HERE for some amazing trivia about Copper Canyon.

Yes Daddy... I brushed my teeth this morning. Besides, that tequlia mixed with brake fluid leaves a nasty tatse.

The Chipendales dancers after they retired.

Don't worry baby. I'll have you looking better than new when we get home.

I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee,
Won't my mommy be so proud of me,
I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee,
Ouch! It stung me!
I'm squishing up the baby bumblebee,
Won't my mommy be so proud of me,

What do you mean there's no place to pee. How do you think my headlights got this color?

Things were going just fine until we got caught in that sand storm. Now just look at our new candy apple red paint job.

Lauren showing us how big of a diamond she wants.

So how do all of you plea to the charge of speeding?

Carson demostrating what to do if banditos hold you up.

She'll be coming round the mountain
When she comes
(Toot, toot!)
She'll be driving six white horses
When she comes
(Toot, toot!)