Monday, October 27, 2008

GO FAST Photos

Thank you to our friend Tach'O from GO FAST ENERGY DRINKS we can enjoy the following photos all of which can be enlarged simply by clicking on them.

Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes getting a good start from the arch.

#381 piloted by Eugen Viehof and co-pilot Dennis DeLaughter

Our very good friend Stewart and Linda Robertson in #120 Studebaker.

Wanna know why they call it "Mockett's Rocket"? Look at Doug Mockett's #133 really leaning on Gabriel Torres's #1 raer bumber. What a race!

#51 Studebaker of Carlos Castillo Fregoso with some room to open'er up!

Time to take a well deserved break.

Enrique Bardasano of Mexico in #129 Studebaker screaming, "Tires don't fail me now!"

#290 Apple Dumpling Gang as we nicknamed them last year makes it to another arch.

This one just broke my heart. Over the last two years I have become good friends with George Sullivan and Tom Boes who really have done an awesome job of building their Volvo. There are no finer gentleman racers than these two gents. Judgeing by the photo and some personal experience with this type of "agriculturel driving" things don't look very bad and so I am hoping they can get right back into it.

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