Monday, October 27, 2008

I Keep Forgetting It's Mexico

I just got off the phone after speaking to an official whom I will leave anonymous for obvious reasons. When I mentioned how frustrating it was for anyone not at the race to obtain any results of information he said "Welcome to the crowd!" He told me it has been terrible and even the teams are not getting their starting grid positions until they show up at the start in the morning and it has been VERY difficult for everyone. Just imagine 110 cars meeting at the bank drive up window in the morning all of which are supposed to be in order but none of them now where. To make matter twice as bad there have been a LOT of errors in the times. I'm beginning to be glad I'm not there.

The official also told me unfortunately there has been a HUGE amount of carnage and cars having problems. A lot more than usual. I can't help but think a lot of teams take this race for granted. I can remember many times where I have read comments like... "Lots of CEO types go run that race." or "It's not really a race. It's a rally." Think again folks. Even some of the slowest cars in this race are faster than some of the winning cars from the 50's and if you don't think it's dangerous just wait until some of the photos of some of the cars that have gone over the cliffs are made available.

As I spoke to the official keep in mind he was really tired and frustrated about the results not being available and all he had to offer was what he could remember from yesterday and nothing from today. After what I have heard and posted from today I am a bit confused. OK so I'm a LOT confused but here goes....


1st place Bill Beilarz #108 Studebaker
2nd Place Stig Blomqvist #110 Studebaker
3rd Place Jorge Pedrero #10 Studebaker
4th Place Doug Mockett #133 Oldsmobile
5th Place Gabriel Perez Torres

In Historic C Class;

1st Place Richard Tyzac #372 Shelby (9th overall)
2nd Place Mark Davis #370 Falcon
3rd Place Bob Summerour #363 Shelby

7th Place Bill Shanahan #388 (38th overall)

Not sure why but Gabriel Perez Torres #1 is on the trailer and out of the race.

One of the black Studebakers crashed. Not sure which one.

#435 Studebaker piloted by Matthew Gregory and co-pilot Jacob Gregory who are the sons of our friends John and Crislana Gregory of car #425 both from Canada. Unlike John and Crislana this was the boys frist time and they really put a lot of hard work into their car. I was hoping for a lot more for them but glad their ok.

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Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

Good day from Queretaro, in the last two years information was available in the Carrera website, but this year I don´t know what happened, it´s the same format from last year, but the website is not updated. I talked with Bill Beilharz on Sunday after he arrived to Queretaro and he said he couldn´t understand why there isn´t any more promotion to the race. As I told him here in Mexico the ones that know about the race are the people that keeps track of it on the internet in blogs like yours or mouth to mouth.

I don´t see a big future for the race if the organization doesn´t do a bigger job to attract global sponsors, for example, this year Corona is sponsoring some stages, but not all. This fall in sponsorship is hurting the organization as they can´t have the most people to work in specific areas, and the most important would be to give updated information for the racers and hence to the public, but this is only my opinion.

Here you can see some pics I have taken in Queretaro:

Have a good day