Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stand In Their Shoes

I just got word there were some serious accidents today and one section was cancelled as a result. Some cars have left the building so to speak but everyone is ok considering. As I learn more I will post it.

In the mean time... I know it's poor at best but just watch this video as the 2008 La Carrera Panamericana cars travel through a transit section on their way to the next speed stage. It's the same at almost every village big or small that school children and adults will line up at the biggest tope (monster speed bump) to wave and cheer on the race cars. I still haven't figured out who enjoys it more... the race fans or the piloto and Co-piloto.

Just listen to the excitement and then just try and imagine what it's like when we come into the larger cities where there are hundreds of thousands of fans showing the same amount of excitement. Check out how excited they get when the "Moosetangs" come through. Ya just have to love these people. Aren't they great?

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