Friday, October 31, 2008

Final Day 6 Results WOW!

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The last day of racing has brought about some amazing finishesin various classes. There are so many amazing stories behind all of these cars and classes, many of which I would like to know more about. It's impossible to write about all the victory and defeats from thousands of miles away but we all know there has to be so many amazing stories to be told. So take time to find your favorite piloto and co -pilotos on these results and see where there have been and how they did.

Random results;

#110 Stig Blomquist wins last day.

#133 Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes wins 2nd place.

Even though he blows his engine #114 Lars Stugemo still finishes in 5th place.

#351 Bern Langewiesche wins 1st place in Historic C by 2 seconds. (Tyzack's 6 second penelty cost him 1st place.)

The amazing battle for 3rd place in Historic C was incredible but the #388 of Bill Shanahan beat out #370 of Marc Davis by a mere 2 seconds!!

#205 Sam Burg wins Sport Mayor

#405 Jan Lammers wins 1st place in Original Panam and # 433 Carson Scheller takes 22nd and #422 of Richard Morrison takes 3rd. I wonder if Gerie Bledsoe was helping pilot this car since I know he filled in for a couple days? I will find out more on that later.

#152 Richard Clark wins 1st place in Spot Menor.

#290 Richard Bailey wins 1st place in Historic A Plus 3 seconds ahead of #280 Ulrich Lanius.

#309 Brian DeVries wins Historic B.

#277 Lars Hroiss wins Historic A.

In what has been a great battle going back and forth between #299 of Francisco Ortiz and #288 of Joe Brubaker, #299 wins 6th place and #299 wins 8th place.

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