Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Latest Results For Day 5

Things are really heating up! No... I'm not talking about Corvettes. That was last year. But there are some major changes and believe it or not CLICK HERE for the latest results for day 5!!!!

First of all I just received a message from a friend that our very good friends Stewart and Linda Robertson who pilot and co-pilot the beautiful #120 purple Studebaker have crashed and totaled their car. They were in 12th overall for day 4.

Also out with a blown piston is #426 the Original PanAm Lincoln piloted by Tom Overbaugh and co-piloted by Paul Wendt.

Hearsay has it that today three cars went out due to an incorrect description on a turn. Rumor is that it showed up as a 1 in the route book, but was more like a 4.

For those of you trying to keep up with Karl's overall calculations CLICK HERE for overall standings as of Day 4.

Today's Random notes;

Stig finally wins one.

Doug Mockett takes second. GO MOCKETT and FUENTES!

Jo Ramirez falls way back to 91st overall. Break? Crash?

Richard Bailey falls way back to 101. Same question.

Francisco Ortiz #299 and Joe Brubaker #288 swap positions again from 5th to 7th.

Byron DeFoor #212 falls from 21st place to 66th place. As a result Sam Burg moves into 1st in Sport Mayor Class.

Bill Shanahan's #388 Falcon moves up to 2nd in class as the #370 Falcon of Marc Davis falls to 15th overall and 3rd in class.

But listen to this....... CARSON SCHELLER IS IN 1ST PLACE OVERALL IN ORIGINAL PANAM!!!!! (as of day 4) GO CARSON!

Keep in mind these are not official and it's important to remember several of the cars on the overall results have crashed or blown engines so some cars will be even higher.


LosVikingos_Ralf said...

Looking good here. Seems like the cars are starting to break apart now. Been a hard week as usual.
Thanks for the update and you to Karl S. Nice to hear from you.



I see that you took a year off as well. I really miss you chasing me down! (HA!) You were typically faster and I was usually luckier.

Sergio "Cheche" Cortes said...

Adding the results from overall until day 4 and the results from day 5, I don't see any changes in positions:

3:38:47 Bill Beilharz (car 108)
3:39:33 Jorge Pedrero (car 10)
3:42:37 Doug Mockett (car 133)

Nothing is final yet !!!