Tuesday, October 21, 2008

La Carrera Cars On Display in El Jardin

Backing up just a tad I need to explain how busy we were all week. On Friday there was a Poker Run that covered a huge area which was attended by people from all over Mexico and it began and ended at our hotel. There was a lot of involvement and some beautiful cars.

Saturday there was a car show with many very interesting cars and motorcycles so I will create one blog post specifically for them.

Saturday was the day the Coyote Convoy (parking lot photos) and a special Gala evening not only as a fund raiser but also so that Hershel McGriff could be honored by over 300 guest at $150 each all of which went to charities.

Sunday was the day of the car exhibition in El Jardin.

Hershel sitting in Doug Mocketts car with co-piloto Angelica Fuentes.

Gerie Bledsoe and Hershel McGriff with Gerie's car

Ron Lee can't believe it's really happening as Hershel signs his beautiful Curtis

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