Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston... We Have A Problem. (Or Do We?)

On the site there is an article that after translation appears to be saying, due to some poor time keeping there seems to be some concerns as to the overall times that have been reported. As a result the final/absolute results may not be made final until the following morning. THIS IS NOT an official report nor was any of this information obtained through any La Carrera Panamericana official. In any event, not only will it keep the rest of us wondering who may be effected by this should it be true but it will really make tonight's awards/dinner interesting.


karlscheible said...

O got a text message from a competitor. Lars is out with a blown engine with a stage to go. Bummer....he had bad luck.

Gary Faules said...

Karl, That's terrible news. As you know Lars is not only a great driver but a super nice guy. He's had some bad luck lately.