Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Results For Day 4

It looks like all my calls to contacts in Mexico got the results issue well in hand. Thank you to each of you.

CLICK HERE for the latest and most current results for Day 4.

The overall results for yesterday;

1st Place #108 piloto Bill Beilharz
2nd Place #110 piloto Stig Blomqvist
3rd Place #10 piloto Jorge Pedrero
4th Place #133 piloto Doug Mockett

Historic C;

1st Place # piloto Richard Tyzack
2nd Place # piloto Marc Davis
3rd Place # piloto Bill Shanahan

Historic B;

1st Place #335 piloto Ricardo Serrador
2nd Place #309 piloto Brian DeVries
3rd Place #333 piloto Emilio Jean

Historic A;

1st Place #264 piloto Sebastian Bleekemolen
2nd Place #277 piloto Lars Kroiss
3rd Place #263 piloto Tom Boes (After a crash they are on the podium!!!)

Historic A Plus;

1st Place #280 piloto Ulrich Lanius
2nd Place #290 piloto Richard Bailey
3rd Place #257 piloto Jo Ramirez

Last year Richard's engine blew and this year he's doing awesome including being in 2nd place ahead of world famous Jo Ramirez. CLICK HERE for more about Jo Ramirez.

This photo courtesy of Go Fast.

Sport Menor;

1st Place #152 piloto Richard Clark
2nd Place #153 piloto Bob Gett
3rd Place #157 piloto Martin Philippe

Sport Mayor;

1st Place #212 piloto Byron DeFoor
2nd Place #205 piloto Sam Burg
3rd Place #219 piloto Alfredo Roth

Original Pan Am;

1st Place #405 piloto Jan Lammers
2nd Place #322 piloto Carson Scheller
3rd Place #425 piloto John Gregory
What a go Carson and John!!!

37 out of 107 cars are not running or did not finish yesterday 12 of them are in the coveted Historic C Class. WOW, That's high attrition!

My good friend Marcia reported some other news part of which was VERY exciting news for me. My buddies who crashed early on day 3 are back in the race! Not only are they back in but as the results show they even finished on the podium!!! Be sure to check out her story about the Federally that high centered his squad car. LOL. CLICK HERE

Random notes from Marcia's site include;

#423 the big Hemi blew engines on day one. (Gary's Footnote, I know the guy who owned and sold this beautiful car and from what I have read it sold for over $50,000 and the engine was supposedly built buy one of the top hemi engine builders around. Although it won it's class several years ago it just goes to show, being beautiful doesn't mean it can win races in La Carrera Panamericana.)

Yellow Porsche zooming around in the parking lot of the Tuxtla airport waiting for the qualifying line to disperse, blew his transmission on day 0.

88 Orange Volvo – trailered in – back in race day 2.

(I don't know which car this is?) 273 Ford – radiator and rock greeted each other, back in race das 2.

375 Green Sunbeam – Day 1 - where the rippled concrete met the asphalt with water trickling across, no traction wheels slightly turned, created a uncontrollable situation and they went off the road over the edge, hitting a boulder and flipping end over end on the way down. Both pilot and co-pilot OK. Overheard pilot saying, “it’s good the top came off, made for an easy exit!” Witnesses to the account said it sounded like an elephant was coming through the woods.

145 Cadillac – ball joint collapsed onto the subframe causing loss of control. They missed a left turn and headed straight into a boulder – no body damage. Back in race day 2.

263 White Volvo – broke down waited hours and hours for pick up. Back in race day 3.

278 Mercedes – veggie oil powered – clutch problems. We stopped to give them a trailer ride. They said they were waiting on their service crew. We haven't seen them back in the race…, yet.


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