Monday, October 27, 2008

FINALLY!!!! The Latest Results

I made some calls and was finally able to get some results and as soon as I decipher them I will post them in a few minutes.



Wow... From what I am reading there is a whole lot of explaining to do. For example, there is ONLY one Historic C car in the top 10 and there are only 3 in the top 20. Considering Historic C is traditionally one of the fastest classes and it is the largest class this year with a total of 25 (three moved to Exhibition) that is unheard of. Even more confusing is 11 of them are in 71st through 80th overall.

One of the more exciting races is found in the Original PanAm Class.

1st Place #405 Porsche piloted by Jan Lammers
2nd Place #433 Ford piloted by Carson Scheller
3rd Place #427 Lincoln piloted by Christian Reichardt

Another tight race is the Sport Menor Class.

1st Place #152 Porsche piloted by Richard Clark and Andy Prill
2nd Place #153 Alfa Romeo piloted by Bob Gett
3rd Place #157 Triumph TR2 piloted by Martin Philippe

Sport Mayor

1st Place #205 LT Special piloted by Sam Burg
2nd Place #219 Fiat piloted by Alfredo De Jalon Rot
3rd Place #212 Jaguar piloted by Byron DeFoor

Historic A Plus

1st Place #280 Alfa Romeo piloted by Ulrich Lanius
2nd Place #257 Volvo piloted by Jo Ramirez
3rd Place #290 Volvo piloted by Richard Bailey

Historic A

1st Place #277 Volvo piloted by Lars Kroiss
2nd Place #264 Porsche piloted by Sebastian Bleekemo
3rd Place #253 Volvo piloted by Luis Barona


karlscheible said...

1st Jorge: 2:14.30
2nd Bill: 2:15.03
3rd Gabriel: 2:16.45
4th Doug: 2:17.32
5th Lars: 2:19.54
Stig: 2:23>08

(Posted by Karl Scheible)

Gary Faules said...

Hello Karl,

Are those total overall times and if so where did you get them from? Drop me an email at

Jon and I sure enjoyed racing with you in 2007. We were justr talking about you today. How have you been?

karlscheible said...

Doing well. I took the year off due to my company growing like crazy. I did take time off to do the crazy 24 Hours of Lemons last week. We were running 9th O/A out of 88 until the engine blew with 50 minutes to go. Finished 19th. Still, I would rather be at the Carrera.

As for the times I just took the 3 leg times that were published and did the math!

Gary Faules said...

Thanks Karl. If what I heard is accurate about Gabriel then Doug woould be 3rd and Lars right behind him.

karlscheible said...

Yes I agree. I did not hear about Gabriel until after I totaled the stage scores for the 3 days. Bill needs to slow down. You only have to win a rally by 1 second, not a minute. He had close to a 2 minute lead when he stuffed it last year. If he figured that out, he will win. If not, odds are he will crash again. I do not know the scores for day 4. Bill may have caught Jorge by the end of the day. There is not enough rally left for Stig unless he gets some big luck. A lot can happen on this rally....even in the transits!