Monday, October 27, 2008

What's That Old Saying About Curiosity Killed The Cat

All I can say is thank God I'm not a cat!

Still working on getting up to date results. "IF" I am intrepreting a message I just read here is the most current report about the front runners from yesterday. Keep in mind, this is being translated and not official.

From what I read, the #108 Studebaker piloted by Bill Beilharz of the U.S. and co-piloted by Jorge Ceballos from Mexico are in first place. In 2nd place is the #10 Studebaker piloted by Jorge Roberto Pedrero and co-piloted by Marco Antonio Hernandez both from Mexico. In third place is the #133 Oldsmobile of Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes and 4th place is the 2006 champion Gabriel Perez Torres in the #1 Ford.

Gabriel had technical dificulties and lost the last 2 stages.

Showing no journalism favoritism I would like to wish everyone luck. On the other hand, GO MOCKETT GOD DAMMIT GO!!!!!!!!

Another note was that the average speed of all the cars that ran through downtown Mexico City was an amazing 161.56 miles per hour. Keep in mind this includes even the slower cars. Some cars were clocked doing over 180 miles per hour.

Now we are all left wondering the following....

Where are each of the cars in all the other class in their perepective classes? After all, not everyone is interested in just high overall leaders. Many friends and families and sponsors are as interested in knowing how their cars are doing!!!!!

What happened to Stig Blomqvist?
How many cars have crashed out for good?
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??????????????????


LosVikingos_Ralf said...

Just about the same info as I have. I'll let you all know if I come across something.

Gary Faules said...

Thanks Ralf.