Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mustangs Out Of Race

So far today both of the Gary Jones Mustangs are out One of them was in a three-car pileup this morning. Too bad, both were beautifully prepared, brand new cars and the maroon #363 piloted by Bob Summerour and co-pilot Bud Feldkamp was in 3rd in Historic C Class on day 3 and 18th overall. Yesterday he was 6th in class and 20th overall. The other Gary Jones Motorsports Mustang #357 piloted by Jerry Loftin and co-pilot Gary Jones is also crashed. Yesterday they were in 7th in Historic C and 22nd overall after having moved up from 10th in Historic C and 59th overall. All for not it seems.

Car #357 Courtesty of Go Fast

Car #363 Courtesty of Coop

I asked Coop about his ride when he was co-piloto in Ron Lee's Kurtis and he said, "The Kurtis was very cool, and very cold!" and he also said he saw Todd Landon re-welding a rear shock mount on the Falcon at the servicio today.



karlscheible said...

Latest overall totals based on my math through day 4:

1. Bill: 3:07.51
2. Jorge: 3:08.32
3. Doug: 3:11.41
4. Lars: 3:15.22
5. Stig: 3:16.56

Stig will over take Lars, but that is far as he will get I think. Not enough rally left. Bill needs to back off 5%. (IMHO)


Gary Faules said...


Thanks for that calculation. I was just hoping you would get that done for me. ;)

Doug's not that far out considering all the "what if's" either.

karlscheible said...

Yes, I agree that Doug is still in the door knocking. I am amazed at Jorge....driving a production car!