Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sweet Mother Of God...This Is Getting Good!

I just got the results (Click here for PDF file) and a whole lot of shakin is goin on!

I'm still so excited that I haven't had time to understand it all but here are a few bits of excitement that I do know.

Doug Mockett and Angelica are now in third.

The beautiful Mustang #353 driven by Hans Crhistian Fregoso from Germany have taken the Historic C lead and Bill Shanahan in his new Monte Carlo Falcon has passed Richard Tyzack. (All fords! Yeah Baby!) Awesome race. Hey, I wonder where the Vettes are? I hope they have fuel cells this year.

Richard Baily now in 32nd overall is in second place in Historic A but the legondery Jo Ramierez is gaining on him at 36th! Great race.

Our friend Clyde Morter is in 1st in Original Pan Am at 22th overall and his next closest competitor our good friend Carson Scheller is in 27th overall.

Stig has fallen to 28th overall and 8th in class. More on that later.

Stay tuned Folks. God I need a smoke.

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