Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Farmer Team Report

A big thanks to Phil Singher editor of VClassics Motorsport who sent in the following update on the Apple Farmer Team in #290 Volvo piloted by Richard Bailey and co-piloted by Nate Wilson.


Thanks for blogging La Carrera 2008 -- you're the best source of what's
going on I've come across, sketchy though it is. Here's a bit more for you:

Just got off the phone with Richard Bailey, and they've missed a stage
due to clutch problems -- not the clutch itself, but a broken rod in the
actuating mechanism. I think they know how to fix it now, and should be
back in the running soon. Previous problems were with the urethane upper
control arm bushings, which were apparently melting from header heat on
one side -- after two sets of those, they put in stock rubber bushings,
which seem to be holding up fine.


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