Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being Left Behind

Today has been.... Hard to explain I guess. Having watched the teams pull out of San Miguel de Allende was hard enough but knowing they are already done with today's qualification run I am sitting here trying to understand the flood of emotions. First I find myself wishing I was there and regretting Jon, Will and I are not. Then I ask myself why I feel that way when in fact we have already been there done that and in fact did very well doing it. The truth is I am GOING NUTS not knowing how everyone has done. I can't seem to find the Globalstar tracking system in English so that's no help and I know it will take a while for the results to be posted. On top of that as any good endurance racer knows the qualification times really don't mean a damn thing. Boy am I missing it already but I remember the night Jon and I finished the race and where toasting a drink at dinner when Jon said, "I can't wait till we do this "next time."


993C4S said...


I can only imagine the emotions you must be dealing with having looked this race square in the eyes and come out ahead! You have nothing to regret and only new memories to look forward to. said...

Gary & Jon
"Next time" is always a difficult one. I seems to slip away before you know it.
The first time, you run on pure energy and focus to get to that point, that moment; every single aspect of it is new.
But now you've experienced it, and have to tap into a different kind of reserve to get there again.
Not being there is not as fun as being there; that's your focus for 2009.