Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally Some News But It's Not All Good

OK so it's not the daily results but at least it's something. Dyana Marlett, co-piloto for Sam Burg in the #205 LT Special took the time to send some much needed tid-bits. Considering the teams time is so valuable in that they have the car to deal with, logistics, showers, dinner, not to mention planning tomorrow and a hopefully a good nights sleep, any time spent sending me an email is almost sacred.

While Dyana's message was brief it did tell several stories which now will make me all the more curious as to the final daily outcome and how they each dealt with them. So here I go in deciphering the brief message which is not verbatim.

Sam and Dyana ran out of gas 4k from the Pemex so they where given max time for that stage and a few other penalties but still managed to win. Today they started 21st.

Stig Blomqvist blew a tire on a speed stage but managed to complete it anyway then later that day his car caught on fire but he managed to return to racing today.

Bill Beilharz in the #108 Studebaker won yesterday and it appears he and Stig Blomqvist and Lars Stugemo in the # 114 Studebaker all have potential for top finishes.

Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes in the #133 Oldsmobile seem to be running strong, safe and quietly and he started 6th or 7th today. Carson Scheller and Shields Rchardson in the #433 Ford Victoria are doing well in the Original Panam class but Ron Lee has had some problems. His co-piloto has been sick but Coop may fill in as co-piloto in the morning since Gerie Bledsoe's car lost an engine.

Francisco "Paco" and Aracelli Islas in the beautiful # 109 Hudson were running 4th but crashed today.

Miles Jones Sunbeam tiger also crashed yesterday and a bunch of cars where out today but can't remember all.

Well there you have it and I have as many questions as the rest of you... How many crashed cars are done or how many can be made race ready again and if so how far out of the running will they be? Which other cars crashed? What are the standing for each of the classes as well as the overall standings???

While I was writing this I got word from Coop. He said that he got to navigate for Ron Lee in the awesome #403 Kurtis after his co-piloto got sick and Gerie Bledsoe is co-driving in the #422 Mercedes from Kansas.

As with Dyana, Coop's time is precious too thus short. So now even though I can make a good guess, I will be wondering what happened to our friends Richard Morrison or Richard Hamlin and why aren't one of them driving?

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