Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Excited To Be Tired

1st Place Overall #108 Bill Beilharz and Jorge Ceballos

2nd Place Overall #10 Jorge Pedrero and Marco Antonio

3rd Place Overall #133 Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes

Photos Courtesy Of Go Fast


karlscheible said...

Mats called me to tell me how the team ended up. Lara ended up pushing his car across the finish line. Evidently Bill had a moment where he went off the road about 150 feet into a field and hit nothing! They made several adjustments to Stig's car throughout the race and were able to get it running quicker. Should be interesting next year.

Gary Faules said...

You just have to love a guy like Lars. Always a winner in my book. As for Bill, he must have hit something. Did you see the photo of the side of his car?

Karl, thank you for all your comments and observations. They have really helped make a difference.