Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Classes Are Exciting To Watch

Over the days of La Carrera Panamericana there is so much excitment as we watch so many things going on. There are so many variables... car problem, crash, competitor drops in overall standings and more. As we have seen already this year there are so many human interst stories. Mother/Father team vs their two sons, friends driving someone elses car, cars wrecking and getting back into the race, weather, cars swapping leads as they battle it out all day long every day. Man, you can't make this stuff up. THIS is La Carrera Panamericana and when someone says, "All I want to do is finish." I have to wonder how many of them really know what they are wishing for.

A couple of friends who are fighting for all it's worth in the Historic A Plus Class and putting on one hell of a show in the process are the #299 Datsun piloted by Francisco Ortiz and co-piloto Marco Martinez and the #288 Datsun piloted by Joe
Brubaker and co-piloto Michael Emery.

Photo Courtesy Of Go Fast

On day 2 #299 was in 73rd overall and 7th in class and #288 was in 103rd overall and 8th in class. But as of yesterday both have made huge moves bringing car #288 up to 60th and 7th in class and the #299 has passed them and climbed into 52nd overall and 5th in class!!!

Photo Courtesy Of Coop

This is a perfect example of why you never count anyone out of the race or think you have things in control. Like they say... It ain't over till it's over.



Gary feel free to post this under its own heading. New totals after today!

1. Bill @ 3:38.47 (He is slowing down...smart)
2. Jorge @ 3:39.33 (Should be able to hold off Doug)
3. Doug @ 3:42.32 (Can hold off Stig easily)
4. Stig @ 3:47.16
5. Lars @ 3:47.43 (As predicted, fell behind Stig)

Gary Faules said...

Thanks Karl! For curiousity how do they add up to the results I just posted?


My results are the total of 5 days and what you posted is the total for 4 days!


Just compared my "day 4" math to the official results and everything checked out perfectly, so I am confident of my totals after day 5.