Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7's Only Is On Their Way To Mexico

Two fully loaded trailers left under the watchful eye of Tom Dragoun and crews from Buttonwillow Raceway and headed for Mexico. On the way there they will join the Coyote Convoy. They are hauling 12 cars total in all 6 in the big white enclosed trailer and the rest on the open three axle trailer. Having seen Tom drive that rig for 2000 miles last year I can tell you he knows how to get'er done!

One of our good friends, Carson Scheller has his beautiful Original Paman Ford #433 loaded up with them and the # 365 red Chevrolet that was owned and driven by Richard Row and Ernie Harris which ran against us in Historic C class is as well however it has been sold and is now driven by David Geldreich of Canada and Wilhelm Ostrop of Germany. Another car on the trailer that also ran with us last year is the #375 Sunbeam Tiger driven by Miles Jones and Robert Gehlan. The Original Panam #427Lincoln driven by Christian Reichardt and Daniel Roche is also on board.

We had the pleasure of meeting Tom last year and several times since. All anyone can say about Tom is, To know him is to like him and if you want someone you can count of he's the man." Tom's big rig has a full boat machine shop and just about everything you could possibly want when your over 2000 miles from home. I have seen first hand Toms no nonsense way of taking care of his clients and when they need something it doesn't matter what he's doing it's all about taking care of his customer first..


Francisco Ortiz said...

Good Luck to all !!!
Welcome to All ! said...

When I see the large white side of that closed trailer, I see it as a canvas for a La Carrera sketch!

a said...

AMAZING CAN'T wait to see the video