Thursday, October 30, 2008

Post From A Friend Of LCP who is onsite Day 6

DAY 6 ....

One day to go and Stig is edging up the table.

Todays results 1. Stig 2. Doug 3. Bill
In the overalls Bill is leading at 3:58:20 with Jorge Zardain on 3:59:20 and Doug in third on 4:02:03.
Stig is in fourth on 4:06:35

Richard Tyzack won Day 6 and leads Historic C... he is 6th overall on 4:20:20 with one day to go and a cushion of nearly five minutes over the Shanahan-Murray car and Davies-Clevely Ford. These two are tied on 4:25:15 so it will be an interesting race tomorrow.

Clark-Prills 356 again won Menor and look set to win their class tomorrow and the Jan Lammers 356 again won its class on day 6 but wont win overall after its disasterous first day when it was delayed 90 mins when it ran out of petrol. The penalties it incurred on Day 1 were so large that it seems impossible for it to win O.Panam class as it is still 10 mins behind the Ford of Schiller-Richardson.

Yesterdays crash.. in which no one was hurt..... had three consecutive cars going off. The first going over the bank into the field. the next into the bank and finally the third in ontop of the second.

Rusty Wards Federale Studebaker was again wooing the crowds but has seen Rusty under the car most of the evening try7ing to find his missing 2nd gear .

356 Mole

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