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I Killed Myself When I was Young

A look at how far racing saftey devices have come.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Chihuahua Express, April 8-9-10, 2011


In only two months the fifth annual Chihuahua Express will depart from the main square of Chihuahua City to race across the beautiful ridges, mountains, and valleys of Northern Mexico. The Express offers three days of racing -- nearly 1000 miles, including about 325 miles of top-speed, open-road racing.

Join us this year! There is still time to shovel out the driveway and come on down to sunny Mexico!

The roads in Northern Mexico are excellent for this type of racing. In this sparsely settled part of the county, villages are few and far between. The pavement is smooth, well banked, and uncluttered by speed bumps ("topes").

The people are friendly and excited by seeing our cars speed by, even the local Amish families come out to wave as we pass their well-ordered farm communities.

After our ceremonial departure from Chihuahua City the first day, we will race across the mountains and ridge lines to the rustic city of Madera, where we stop for lunch and service. Then we race back on the same roads. The first speed run of the day, for example, is an exceptional fourteen miles though the mountains.

On the second day, the Express races up into the famous Copper Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Mexico, and stops for lunch at a hotel hanging over the rim of the Canyon. The views are impressive. Then we get to race back the way we came. Your friends can even ride the train up to meet us for lunch.

On the final day, the Express heads 145 miles east towards Texas across ridges and into valleys not unlike the Moon. When we reach the border with Texas, we stop for lunch and fuel, and turn around and race back to Chihuahua City and the awards banquet.

Need more reasons to join us?

==It's 325 miles of open-road racing in only three days (no race offers as much in three days).
==Chihuahua City is only two hours from Texas.
==We return to the same luxury hotel each night.
==The hotel is easy to find and in a very safe area of town, with lots of nearly stores and restaurants.
==The hotel has a huge parking lot with plenty of room for the largest trailers.
==The weather is usually great in April.
==It's an easy introduction to rallying in Mexico.
==The race staff and Organizer, Mr Chacho Medina, know their business. Contact Mr Medina at, if you have questions of him.

Don't have a race car with a full roll cage? Not to worry. You may rent a proven race car with all the safety equipment in some cases for less than $10,000. It's a true "arrive and drive" deal offered by American and European fabricators who have been building cars for this type of racing for twelve years. Where else in the world can you find a deal like this? Contact information is included below.

Want to drive your own car, but it does not have a full roll cage? OK, the Express offers three more options:
1) time/distance "regularity" rally -- run the same course and earn points by being on time.
2) bracket class -- run the course but not all full speed.
3) tour -- run the course, but with no passing. It's great for rookies.
The entry fee for these three options are significantly less than full competition.

Don't know how to handle the timing and scoring in a rally? A two-hour orientation is provided, and the race organizers are committed to teaching you how to get it right. Hint: the Express is much easier than comparable stage rallies, because the distances between speed runs are much shorter.

Worried about your security in Mexico? Well, I have been racing 13 years in Mexico and I have never, ever had or seen a problem. In fact, I now live in Mexico.

But to make sure, over 340 Federal, State, and local police are scattered along the race route each day to look after us. Doctors and ambulances travel with us, too. Chihuahua City also has first tier medical facilities.

We have a convoy of trucks and trailers leaving Santa Teresa, New Mexico on April 6. The convoy goes completely around El Paso and the troubled city of Juarez on its way to Chihuahua City.

Cost? The entry fee is only $2200 dollars. The only other required cost is the price of a Mexican rally license, which provides medical insurance ($260 dollars). It also costs only $35 to get your vehicles across the border with a Temporary Tourist Permit. A Mexican tourist visa for each traveler is also required (you get it at the border), but it is free, because you are staying less than a week. Additional information about permits, visas, and the border crossing will be provided.

Bottom line? For the investment of money and time, the Chihuahua Express is the most bang for the buck in racing. It's truly a racer's race. After the first speed stage the first day, you will understand why most of us return each year.

Please call or email for an short entry form and more information. There are lots of video on YouTube, too.

Hasta pronto,

Gerie Bledsoe

Race cars for rent with full service ('64-66 Mustangs and Falcons):

Todd Landon (Minnesota) 1-952-250-7948 or email

Mats Hammarlund (Mexico) +11-52-415-1010308 or email