Friday, October 31, 2008

Absolute Final Results 2008 La Carrera Panamericana!


Random notes;

3 Historic C cars finish in the top 10 same as lat year.

#433 Carson Scheller wins 1st place in Original Panam!!! What a go Carson!

#110 Ex WRC champion finishes 4th overall 3 minutes and 27 seconds behind #133 of Doug Mockett.

#290 Richard Bailey wins 3rd place in Historic A Plus just behind world famous Jo Ramirez!!!

#372 Richard Tyzack wins Historic C and 6th overall with # 388 Bill Shanahan exactly 2 minutes behind followed up by #370 of Marc Davis only 2 seconds behind! Wow, what a race! Honorable mention to #365 Chevrolet who won 4th in Historic C as well as 16th overall.

#152 Richard Clark and Andy Prill place 15th overall and 1st overall in Sport Menor for two consecutive years! Very impressive.

#108 Bill Beilharz wins 1st overall and brings home the honors for the U.S.A.!

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