Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These Canadians Have Gas Flowing In Their Veins

Another team we were very fortunate to become friends with during the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana was John and Chrislana Gregory who pilot and co-pilot the #524 Studebaker which runs in the Original Panamericana. Some of my fondest moments are from the parking lot in Oaxaca during the two days before the race started and a lot of the reasons for such wonderful memories was due to the friendship that formed between the Gregory's and the Stewart's both from Canada and both driving Studebakers. We all just seemed to hit things off right from the start and before long we were talking about our loved ones back home and anything else that friends talk about. The need to feel comfort with others around you when you are thousands of miles from home is great and they all fit the bill to a tea. Our crews obviously felt the same was since while we were spending our days in the race they found a camaraderie with each other as well. It could not have been arranged any better even if someone had tried to plan it.

During the last year I lost touch with the Gregory's and the truth was I sure missed talking to them. It wasn't until a couple months before this years race that I learned this year not only were they coming again but their two wonderful boys were building a car and coming as well. When I saw them pull into San Miguel de Allende I was stocked to see them. It was as if a long lost pet had found it's way home and this time I WILL NOT LOSE their email address.

They are such a terrific family with high moral values and the entire family is nothing short of perfect and this time we got to introduce our other family members to each other as we were all present and accounted for with the exception of my son Will. The Gregory's have done an amazing job raising these two fine young gentleman. I should know, we have one of our own.

John and Chrislana's #425 Studebaker and Matthew and Jacob Gregory's #435 Studebaker.

So far the #425 is still doing great but the piloto and co-piloto of the #435 are going to have some wild stories to tell when they get back to Canada. Some I am sure they will never forget. "Well, Aye, we were coming into this corner at a high rate of speed when all of a sudden..."

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