Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Race Report From Chip Fudge #356 Chevrolet


`Wet corrupts power`......... quote from Andy Prill in car 152, Europes leading 356 race specialist.....` `Bring it on`...................

AND HE WASNT WRONG.............


WHO SAYS SIZE COUNTS...........................THE 356s BITE BACK

In a day that saw a crash that made Jerry Bs famous La Bufa crash look like a roll in the park,, the little engined cars from Porsche and Europe hit back. European drivers must be used to rain....

ex WRC Champion Stig Blomquist , who has already admitted that he is happier on gravel and dirt excelled in wet and thick fog yesterday, sliding everywhere to take TOP SPOT on day 5. He was 1st in class and won by a clear 31 seconds. Gaining time on lead Bill Beilharzs car 103.
Stig and wet roads ....`Happy as a pig in shit` comes to mind.

A car that was filmed at close up showed a high speed into the dirt wall, an explosion of dust and then the next car smashing on top of it. Luckily all well. There are now only 61 starters on day 5 out of 107 entries.

F1 and Lemans winner Jan Lammers drove a faultless race to again come in 1st in O. Panam in his little 356 and 8th for the day.
A1 driver Sebestian Bleekemolen had a brilliant day in his 356 taking 1st spot in Historic A 17th on day 5 only two spots behind the super fast entry from Monoco based Richard Clark who as predicted by Andy Prill zoomed on in the rain taking 1st in Sport Menor and 16th for the day.
Stanley Bauer in car 262 nearly made it four class wins for the 356s when he drove superbly in his car to come 2nd in Historic A plus less than 30 seconds behind the 2 litre Alfa of Ulric Lanius.

Hstoric B saw no less than three Porsches on the podium with Brian Devries in car 309 winning class closely followed by 335 and 301.

Englishman Richard Tyzack ..again a man used to the wet roads in UK,,,, drove to a wonderful 1st in Historic C in his super speedy Mustang. Even the Tom Davies team in the tiny Mini Cooper excelled coming in at 4th in class and 23rd for the day. He starts today behind the LT of Sam Burg/Dyana Marlett.

Dyana was voted `Babe of the Copilotos` in a very closely fought competion with Angelica Fuentes and Ute Olten as runners up to follow....

Rusty Ward has had a wonderful week .. avoiding all water and rivers... pleasing the thousands in his Federales painted car and yet again placed well at 20th for day5 two spots ahead of the red LT.
The lttle Datsun no. 288 of Brubaker and Emery also pleasing the crowds with Michael dressed as a wrestling gimp...but attracting most of the sponsors scasntily clad girls to stand with him and his beautiful Luca Libre Team car. Maybe next year we will all be wearing those masks... in transit sections of course....

Safe Racing....
356 Mole

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