Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 6 Results and Day 5 Overall Standings



Man oh man... there are some great battles here some of which just jump right off the page ate me and I don't know where to begin so I'm going to just type them in as I see them.

First of all in the coveted Historic C Class the #351 piloted by Bern Langeweiesche and co piloted by Ranier Vorkoper kicked Richard Tyzack's royal butt today and Bill Shanahan's too! They took first place by only 2 seconds!

Oh yeah Stig won again today and Mockett's Rocket came in 2nd!!! GO MOCKETT! (Remember... this is entirely unbiased reporting)

#277 piloted by Lars Kroiss in Historic A has moved up to 1st passing both #264 piloted by Sebastian Bleekemolen and #275 piloted by Tom Davies.

Another huge move is #290 piloted by Richard Bailey in Historic A Plus only 3 seconds ahead of #280 Ulrich Lanius who was only 4 seconds ahead of #287 piloted by John Voss! Now that's a freakin race! What a go Apple Farmer team!

Also in Historic A Plus is the heated battle between #299 piloted by Francisco Ortiz who moved back up to 6th place and passing #288 of Joe Brubaker who slipped back to 8th place. What a battle these two Datsuns are having. Now there's a great story for a Datsun Mag.

Remember The Blue Whale #145 which is the Cadillac that suffered a broken suspension part which caused it to become friends with a boulder on the side of the hill and piloted by John Daniels? Well today he finished 10th overall!!! Well done.

#405 piloted by Jan Lammers took a 1st in Original PanAm and Carson Scheller is in 2nd with #422 Richard Morrison in third. I wonder if Gerie Bledso is still sharing the duties in the car???

Sam Burg's #205 is still in 1st place in the Sport Mayor Class.

Man, is it hot in here or is it just me!

Dyana Martlet told me that at last nights driver's meeting they continued to play the video of yesterdays terrible crash over and over. It appears it sunk in.


mena3100 said...

My boyfriend is the mechanic supporting the 410 car. I noticed that they don't have a number by the position. Does that mean they broke or didn't finish the race?

Gary Faules said...


Yes, I'm sorry to report that it appears that they are out of the race. I could be wrong and they may be working on the car.

By the way, I had a chance to visit with them while they where in San Miguel de Allende and they are really nice guys. I have pictures of them as well if you would like some. If you are one of the girlfriends then who are these gals in the pictures with them? (Just kidding.) If you would like some photos email me at

mena3100 said...

Thanks! I sent you an email. I'm also interested in the video mentioned on the website. If you'll let me know how to obtain one, that would be terrific!