Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Are With You Vicariously

Here we sit back home while loved ones talk about topics like going to work on Monday, or the sales at the mall and wondering what the kids will dress up as on Halloween. Today I sat in front of the TV watching both the Nascar Race and the Forty Niners game but the honest truth is, I really didn't see any of it. As I took the trash out for my wife I found myself trying to remember is it spelled basura or is it besaura?

It's happening all over the world right now as us LCP Veterans try to keep up to date (up to the minute would be a bit of over-kill) with all that's going on in Mexico right now. Those of who have been, have a deep desire to be there now and then our minds begin saying things like, "When do I need to have the car ready for the next race?" Then there are those who have yet to go who are saying, "What do I have to do to get my neighbor off his ass and get his car ready to go?"

I had to laugh today when I saw some photos of my good friend George Sullivan of Dover Brother's Racin who has competed in LCP. George is on holiday with his loving family enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Now take a look at this photo and tell me George isn't thinking about today's La Carrera Panamericana. LMAO!

George... We all feel your pain.

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George Sullivan said...

My God! Gary what a crusty looking old fart in that picture. hey wait that's me.