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1st Place Overall, Stig Blomqvist / Ana Goni Studebaker Turismo Mayor Boracco

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2nd Place Overall, Lars Stugemo / Jonny Olofsson Studebaker Turismo Mayor

3rd Place Overall, Alejandro Pimentel / Mauritius Pimentel Dodge Tourism Mayor

Nuevo Laredo, 29 October .- The perfect way Swedish Stig Blomqvist, World Rally Champion 1984, came to an end today in Nuevo Laredo, upon reaching the final goal as the new champion of La Carrera Panamericana, who ended his wanderings over 3 thousand 600 kilometers after seven stages through 13 states in Mexico.
Unofficially, Sweden made the 1-2 in the overall ranking of the twenty-second edition of the classic car fair is famous worldwide, because behind Blomqvist and his navigator, Venezuelan Boracco Ana Goni, and ranked Lars Stugemo Jonny Olofsson.
Mexico took the fight with the brothers Alejandro and Mauricio Pimentel, who won two stages, however an error in the third day, which ran from Mexico City to Queretaro, made the difference in the end to the duo-Boracco Blomqvist, who practically gave a flawless display.
The seventh and final stage of La Carrera Panamericana, which kicked off on Friday 23 in Huatulco, Oaxaca, came at 8:00 of Zacatecas and the northern border came shortly after four o'clock, after a long journey of 703 kilometers of which were 50 speed, divided into five sections.
In the Studebaker number 110 of the Tourism category Mayor Boracco Blomqvist and won only two stages, however masterfully guided in his car through Mexico to reach the new monarchs as the goal arc, located in Guerrero Avenue, laredenses where hundreds gathered to receive the weary convoy Pan.
Boracco Blomqvist and started their journey in Zacatecas in his Studebaker with a total time of 4:25.09 hours, with a clean control card penalties, and just over 12 minutes ahead of Stugemo and Olffsson, also in a Studebaker, so I no news was enough to get to Nuevo Laredo to formalize its title.
The big controversy of the last day of the Pan centered between Pimentel and Stugemo and Olofsson, who nevertheless were able to maintain his 46 second lead, away from complications, to stay with the second absolute.
Main absolute positions of the 22 Carrera Panamericana:
1.Stig Blomqvist / Ana Goni Studebaker Turismo Mayor Boracco VEN
2.Lars Stugemo SUE / SUE Jonny Olofsson Studebaker Turismo Mayor
3.Alejandro MEX / MEX Dodge Mauritius Tourism Mayor Pimentel

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