Sunday, October 25, 2009

Panam Cars Are Arriving At Arch In Queretaro

I dont know about anyone else but I cant wait to learn how they did. Hell, what am I saying? I cant wait to learn ANY FRIGGIN THING! Like how they did a few days ago. Call somebody! Send a telegram. Crap, is the Pony Express sill running? Does anyone know how to get a message from the natives on a god damn drum? ANYBODY!!

Now here how good Twitter is... About an hour ago (which is about 8 hours AFTER the race began) there was a post that said, "Car 144 started the day 2nd. overall." Well La te Freaking Da! Then to make things really interesting there was another post that said, "Car 144 seen on side of the road on speedstage. All OK." Now WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN! Was the car stoped so someone could take a leak? Was it a transit stage? Was the engine blown? Nothing like keeping us glued to the set.

Ah, reporting in Mexico at it's finest Folks. (Just having some fun.)

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bbeilharz said...

Pimentel had an accident that was not possible to conclude the day.
Pimentel, en un Dodge con número 144, era la principal amenaza del experimentado Blomqvist en la categoría Turismo Mayor, sin embargo se salió del camino en la sección 12, en la localidad queretana de Tolimán, y ya no pudo seguir adelante. Pimentel, in a Dodge with number 144, was the main threat of Blomqvist experienced in the Major Tourism category, however left the road in section 12, in the town of Toliman Queretaro, and could not continue. No obstante, salió ileso junto con su hermano Mauricio, pero perdió valioso tiempo en el pleito con el sueco. However, escaped unhurt along with his brother Maurice, but lost valuable time in litigation with the Swede.