Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello... Farmer's Insurance? You'll never believe what happened this weekend.

Recorded phone call from home;

Hello honey!
Yes, everything is just great and we're fine.
What's that you ask?
Oh sure the car is still in one piece....
It's just has a different shape than the last time you saw it.

I have no idea how many times I have heard or read, "La Carrera Panameriacana.... Oh that's not really racin. It's just a rally." Well, I hate to burst that bubble but maybe these photos from last weeks race will change that line of thinjing.

Corvette Before

Corvette After

Volvo Before

Volvo After

Oldsmobile Before

Oldsmobile After

Opel Before

Opel After

Lincoln Before

Lincoln After

Oldsmobile Before

Oldsmobile After

E-Type Jaguar Before

E-Type Juguar After

Maserati Before

Maserati After

Porsche Before

Porsche After (Parallel parking accident)

Studebaker Before

Studebaker After (Yes, even the overall winner suffered some door damage.)


Karl said...

This was not Stig's fault. Some dumb-ass medic came flying into the control, hit him and then took off!

Gary Faules said...

Karl, That just goes to show that you NEVER know where or what is going to get you during LCP.