Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#433 Carson and Lauren Scheller On Side Of Road

I just got a phone call and my very good friends Carson and daughter Lauren in the #433 Ford got a little too hot into a corner and ended up stuck on a rock. There appears to be some possible suspension/brake damage but the car is stuck in such a way that they are not able to see how much damage there is. The service crew is in route as I type. Lauren and Carson are safe now but they came very close to being hit by the #116 Studebaker driven by Michel Jourdain Jr. Carson and Lauren had ran up the road with their red flag to warn race cars but when Michel Jourdain Jr. came around the corner he almost hit them and lost control of his car and ended up spinning out. Fortunately he was able to get going again. In the mean time a the Federally is now waiting with Lauren and Carson until Tom and crew arrive. They are hopeful that they can get the car repaired and back in the race. Up until now they were leading the Original Panamericana Class.

This photo wont show you but they are high-centered on the gutter while trying to get out.

Lauren also said the Federally had mentioned that somewhere behind them a Volvo had gone off the road on what he described as a "Not so bad hill side." but we do not know which Volvo or how much damage at this time. More later.


Rich said...

Do you have any idea why the results are putting them in a Lincoln? I agree with your lamentations on the slower cars. We OPA class entrants want equal time!
Rich Morrison
Mercedes 220 Coupe #422

Gary Faules said...


That's just a mistake they made at timing & scoring.