Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 5 Random News

No particular order...

Dail Overall Results;

#144 Dodge driven by Alejandro Pimentel took 1st place.
#114 Studebaker driven by Lars Stugemo took 2nd place.
#133 Oldsmobile driven by Doug Mockett took 3rd place.
#110 Studebaker driven by Stig Blomquist took 4th place.
#121 Volvo driven by Karl Scheible fell back to 80th place.

The LT Special really made everyone sit up and take notice today as he finished 9th overall.

In Historic C Class;

#388 Falcon driven by Bill Shanahan took 1st in class. (Dropped from 9th in class to 15th)
#389 Mustang driven by Xaiver Sahagun took 2nd in class.
#356 Mustang driven by Chip Fudge took 3rd in class.
#363 Mustang driven by Bob Summerour took 4th in class.
#351 Falcon dropped back to 11th in class. (Don't know why.)
#374 Corvette that was in 4th place in class yesterday has now dropped to 12th.

In Original Panamericana class;

#425 Studebaker driven by John and Chrislana Gregory took 1st in class.
#426 Lincoln driven by Tom Overbaugh finished 2nd in class.
#421 THE LUCKY TACO finished 3rd in class!!!
I was told the #433 Ford of Carson Scheller was probably going to be repaired and back into tomorrow's race. Carson fell back to 74th place but based on absolute times from day 3 I believe Carson is still in 2st place in class.

I received a report that when the #374 Corvette crashed over a hillside Co-Piloto Lee-Ann Strelzow was injured primarily due to the fact that she did not have her chin strap fastened. I do not know the extent of her injuries however minor/major they may be but lets all wish her a swift recovery.

In Historic A Plus class;

#291 Alfa Romeo won 1st in class and 11th overall.
#290 Volvo of Apple Farmer racing placed 2nd in class and 18th overall.
#281 Porsche placed 1st in class. This is the same car that crashed yesterday and they had to epoxy a hole in their transfer case to make it.

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