Monday, October 26, 2009

Never Take Transit Stages For Granted

I have seen days in LCP when we were way ahead of schedule and sometimes felt as if we had plenty of time to back and save the car. The only problem with that is sometimes you run into unavoidable obstacles that can really set you back. One day Jon and I were hauling ass and way off in the distance we could see a very long freight train headed in our direction and was going to cross our path. There were about 15 LCP cars behind us but I put the pedal to the metal and when we crossed those tracks we caught some serious air. The train was so long that had I not sped up we would have been late for the next check point and the cars behind us were.

The following photos is courtesy of Team Apple Farmer Racing and this is a perfect example of the unexpected sort of things that are all too common while in transit. The bottom line is get there early and pull off just before the check point.

Here is what they wrote;

We drove by this double trailer semi wreck. The engine was 50' away, the 2 trailers were burned to nothing - the wheels were draped in the radials from the tires, all the rubber melted on the ground. The trailers were full of broccoli - smoldering piles of it on the ground. Insane, we could not piece together how the boulder ended up in the engine compartment.

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