Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trouble In Paradise

This morning there are a LOT of very unhappy LCP teams. The reason is because this year they have began using a new timing and scoring system that supposedly keeps tracks of your times. However some problems have arose. You may recall I mentioned a while back that one car was bouncing back and forth between A plus class and A class and the team was collecting trophies for whatever. But during last nights awards ceremony things began to go very wrong. The results were all screwed up and showing the wrong cars in first place and so on. For example, the #513 Maserati was crashed and on a trailer all day however it was shown to have the times that the #261 BMW was supposed to have. So many cars were shown in the wrong places that they really don't know how they are going to fix the problem. Another example... there are two first places and two seconds in production touring class.

Last week when one of the teams called me and told me their concerns about this new system I suggested that they keep accurate hand written notes exactly the way we did last year for a back up. The Day 4 daily results were in fact posted last night on time for a change but have been removed because of the problems.

This morning I spoke to some teams and they said a lot of teams were very unhappy and nobody seems to know how the problem will be fixed.


LosVikingos_Ralf said...

Timing problems. I remember some of those too. But not to the extent it seems to be now.
In Zacatecas, 2007, we where in first spot in Historica C. Unfortunately they missed that during the award giving and we didn't get any prize at all.
We are still waiting for that one, after a promise that it would be sent to us.....
Only in Mexico, you got to love this race.

Stan said...

Hi Gary, thanks for all the info, we lov your bloggin, you must be going nuts.

Only in Mexico, this race would not be authorized anywhere else. concerning the timing/crono, Thank god this is the 22nd year they do this, Imagine!!