Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carson and Lauren Scheller Get Off To A Great Start

After suffering some valuable time loss as a result of Carson using more than the pavement as a road course (Meaning he went off) the #433 Ford had lost a big lead in Original Panamericana Class. They did get the car repaired and back into the race but it still needed some more parts. Based on what I am calculating the times for the top four cars in his class this is summing up to one hell of an exciting finish. All of them are friends and some of the greatest LCP friends on the face of the planet.

This is what Lauren posted on her blog this morning...

"I don't want to talk about yesterday.

Fast forward to 6am this morning. More phone calls to find the ball joint that we need (ours broke when we crashed 2 days ago, among the other things).

7am. We find the part from Renee from Tumbaburros Racing. Renee is awesome!!! Part put in.

7:45 take off following taxi to get to starting arch. Stuck in traffic to get to arch. Ran up hill with car chip to get time card. 1 km at 8000 ft is not fun!

Just finished La Bufa and passed the two cars ahead of us. The old Vicky is feeling good again!

And my odometer is working again and that makes me a happy girl!"

Based on my personal opinion, Lauren is indeed a lady but she may have started this race as a girl but by the time she reaches the finish line she will be a woman. ;)


Eric Herrick said...

Never met LaCarrera team I didn't like;-) Certainly true of Carson!Does Lauren get to drive too?

Gary Faules said...

You must be kidding... She's a GIRL! ;)

LScheller said...

Now wait just one minute! The question is not whether or not I got to drive, it's if I HAD to drive! The only time I had to drive was on the long transit into Mex City because Dad was falling asleep (exhausted and trying to beat a cold). So I drove AND navigated. I tore the page out of the route book and the rain! I don't drive during the race because then there wouldn't be anyone to tell us where to go. And besides, Dad is one hell of a driver. :)

Gary Faules said...

You we're BOTH awsome. Supernam and Wonder Woman!

Eric Herrick said...

Saw quite a bit of the Carson Vic in '07...our times had us close for much of the run. Carson is one heck of driver! BTW Lauren, I was a right seat father - son drove.