Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sportsmanship At LCP

I've seen many times but it still makes me feel really good each time I see it again. Many of you may not know but during last years LCP there was a very close battle for top honors in the Original Panamericana class when Carson Scheller in the #433 Ford Victoria saw the #405 Porsche of Jan Lammers stuck along the road.


Even though Carson knew that Jan was not in any immediate danger he felt the need to help their fellow competitors. They also knew damn good and well that by helping them they were making it possible for the world class driver, Jan Lammers, who had been on their tail all week long, to catch them but that still didn't stop them from going way out of their way to help.

"Well it seems the old saying, "What goes around comes around" has once again proven to be correct.

This morning I received the following e-mail from Carson's daughter, Lauren....

After a very long night and early morning we are rockin' and rollin'! The crew is AWESOME!!!! Tom, Miguel, Leroy and Jose are miracle workers. We got into Guadalajara at 8 and after a beer or two and some tequila the guys got to work. The right front steering rod and spindle was twisted and we had to find a shop that had a torch to heat and bend it. At midnight Tom and Guillermo went to Paco's race shop with
the part. Then we borrowed a heim joint from Stewart and Linda Robertson. Lots of other adjustments had to be done but the Vicky was ready to go this morning.

We're driving out of Guadalajara right now, sad we didn't see any mariachis but thrilled to be back in the race. We're taking it VERY easy today. We're on a Sunday drive to arrive in Zacatecas for a big fiesta.
Donkey Walk, here we come!!!"

Why am I not surprised that Stewart and Linda Robertson (#120 Studebaker) would loan Carson a part or that someone would open their shop on a cold rainy night at midnite or that the service crew would miss the dinner and music festivities at the Jose Cuervo Estate just to get a car ready for the next day? Why... After you have raced La Carrera Panamericana you will understand. Carson is a fine gentleman racer and he got what he deserved. VIVA MEXICO!

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