Friday, October 30, 2009

Woke Up Today And Thought I Was Late For The Start

It's so good to hear upbeat accounts of the race but some of the best are written by team mates who are dead-beat tired. Many times because of all that wear and tear not to mention the fact they have had very little time to themselves or rest it's only normal for some minor depression to set in. But here is a sample of nothing but a positive outlook when Lauren Scheller, co-piloto of the #433 Ford wrote;

"Fun day yesterday for the last day of racing. Started out on La Bufa
coming out of Zacatecas (after my morning uphill sprint) then 4 high
speed sections. The last 2 were on a beautiful toll road that was shut
down for us. The car ran well, not 100% but maybe 90%. We had a lot
of fun. Really long transit into Nuevo Laredo but well worth it.

It was an amazing feeling getting into N. Laredo with car running
having survived against the odds. I've heard it said many times and it
is so true - anyone who finishes this race and crosses the finish line
truly deserves a big congratulations. This ain't no Sunday drive to

Last night was a fun dinner and awards at the cultural center in N.
Laredo. Our table had a rockin' good time, especially after the third
bottle of tequila! We sat with the Fudges and Ricky (and) Bobby. Big
congrats to Ricky (and) Bobby on winning Historic A in their yellow

We got 2nd in our class by 23 seconds and 2nd overall to Chrislana and
John Gregory in the studebaker. Given our trials we are pretty darn
stoked with that. We also got an award for having the prettiest car in
class. I wonder if they voted for that before we crashed??

Leaving Laredo now, can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Woke up this
morning thinking we had to rush to the starting arch..."

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