Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Winners Historic C, A Plus, Original Panamericana

Final Overall Results Historic C;

1st Place; #388 Falcon Driven by Bill Shanahan

2nd Place; #351 Falcon Driven by Berndt Langewiesche

3rd Place; #363 Mustang Driven by Bob Summerour

Final Overall Results Original Panamericana;

1st Place; #425 Studebaker Driven by John Gregory

2nd Place; #433 Ford Driven by Carson Scheller

3rd Place; #426 Lincoln Driven by Tom Overbaugh

Final Overall Results Historic A-plus;

1st Place; #290 Volvo Driven by Richard Bailey

2nd Place; #281 Alfa Romeo Driven Martin Lauber

3rd Place; #261 BMW Driven by Richard Row

1 comment:

mjb said...

Gosh! I just love that Mean Green Machine, #426! (Hmmmm..., wonder why!?) So very excited for my 'ol teammates. Had the phone next to my bed all night waiting for that text msg. 'cause Paul Wendt (navigator) thought they just might have 3rd (even after crashing into a mountainside)! Great post Gary! Thanks for keeping us all up to date!