Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ride With Apple Farmer On La Buffa

Ride along with Richard Bailey of Apple farmer Racing in the #290 Volvo as they make the charge up La Buffa on their way to Zacatecas.

Apple Farmer Racing enjoying a well deserved dinner in Zacatecas

Typical sceneray around Zac

Security for LCP teams is never very far away.

It's been a long day for Richard and co-piloto Nate Wilson but even so they find time to enjoy Zacatecas sites with a smile.

Photos Courtesy Of Apple Farmer Racing


Eric Herrick said...

Love those Richard Bailey (Apple Farmer) videos! Love the sound of the volvo 122! The post on Carson seemed to confuse his Crown Vic with a Lincoln;-)

Gary Faules said...

Thanks for catching that Eric. I have seen so many people make that same mistake that you would think I would no better.