Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tomorrow Is For All The Marbles

The final day is here. There is a lot of speculation about who will win in different classes but anyone who has run LCP knows there are a LOT of things that can happen. There is an old saying in Nascar... "It only takes one fifty cent lug nut to lose a race." Last year our good friend Lars Stugemo was almost within site of the finish line when his engine blew and he wasn't alone. Needless to say, nobody should be counting their chickens before they hatch.

In the mean time here are a few random notes;

Daily Results; (NOT ABSOLUTE)

Historic C Class;

1st place; #388 Falcon driven by Bill Shanahan
2nd Place; #351 Falcon driven by Berndt Langewiesche
3rd place; #363 Mustang driven by Bob Summerour
4th place; #395 Chevy driven by Gerie Bledsoe

Original Panamericana Class;

1st place; #425 driven by John Gregory
2nd place; #421 driven by Clyde Morter
3rd place; #408 driven by Hayden Groendyke
4th place; #433 driven by Carson Scheller

Historic A plus Class;

1st place; #254 driven by Martin Lauber
2nd place; #290 driven by Richard Bailey
3rd place; #257 driven by Jo Ramirez

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