Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#121 Volvo Went Off Road

#121 Volvo drfiven by Karl Scheible went off the road on the 2nd speed stage.I don't know how the car is or is it was able to reenter the race at that point but both the piloto and co-pilotos are OK. At the start of today's race this car was in 2nd overall.


josephoneil said...

Thanks for the great blog !

Not as good as being there but great for not being there !

How are the BMWs doing ?


bbeilharz said...

That's too bad. They were under a lot of pressure to keep 2nd place - Lars was gaining fast. Karl is a good driver but that Volvo will likely never have a chance to finish that high again.

Francisco Ortiz said...

in the fist stage